Scherpenheuvel-Zichem –

the easter celebrations which were due to the corona virus ‘behind closed doors’ will be held. That is, in the basilica of Scherpenheuvel was the Sunday morning airing on Transit tv. Alert viewers noticed, however, that the ministers of the coronaregels well.

it Was the nerves, since everything was recorded? Or maybe it was just the fact that there are no believers in the church were right and that the priest is a little out the ordinary to do during this extraordinary easter celebration? The fact is that both the priest and Luc Van Hilst, as are the community which to him was during the celebration of the same cup, a drunk. “Totally wrong,” say the experts.

“We will do everything possible to get in touch with anyone else to avoid it,” says the priest, Luc Van Hilst, a day later. “When I was in my community regarding the incidentje’ said he, and I, exceptionally, the purification (the cleansing of the cup, ed.). could not have done it on Sunday, so he could be the next song could make use of.” But even before that happened, he was already on the cup to drink.

“We have to do not with the safety and security of thought. Or how fast something can go, and how to be alert for a man to have to, you know, if it’s good to do is interrupted by an unexpected turn of events,” says pastor Van Hilst.

now, However, fear the ministers do not immediately make a transmission. “We keep an eye always on them, even though we will be living as a religious community, with four under the same roof”, you hear the sound of it.

How many people end up in the celebrations have been looking at the Eclipse screen, it is not yet known. “We have been very happy with each and every believer, that, at the extraordinary easter celebration”, you hear the sound of it.

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