A pakjesbezorger from Amazon, ordered on Friday in Los Angeles to catch a very nasty scene. Just prior to placing an order in front of the door of the man of Mark Who had been provided had been he was still a bit of saliva on the box. Bewakingsbeelden of the event went viral on Twitter, and the internet company has launched an investigation.

Who could hardly believe his eyes. “When I saw the box came, I saw, and immediately a large wet spot,” he says on Twitter. Then I took the images.” What he saw was nothing short of nauseating. The driver spat into his hand and the saliva and then you have to smear all over the box. That scene also happened in the times of the solar corona, which made it all the more worse.

A neighbor Who had a clear message and be ready for the for Amazon. “I think that this is an honest mistake was made”, she said. Make sure that your staff is properly trained and all safety precautions necessary.” Also, on the Amazon itself, they responded shocked at the occurrence of the event. “We will investigate this issue thoroughly in order to understand the situation,” according to the company. “If this was a malicious act by the driver, it appears, he will be held accountable.”

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