Although universal quarantine and suffered a massive Victory in the fall, nothing will prevent the Russians to honor the memory of the dead and the living – at home, in front of televisions and computers in the new network reality, with portraits of their relatives who fought. For the day of 75-th anniversary of the Moscow theatres has prepared a special program of repertoire and archive of plays about the war, online readings and, of course, songs are sung, whispered, and “with tears in his eyes.” Details – in the digest “MK”.

Theater. E. Vakhtangov. may 6, the great Russian artist and veteran Vladimir Etush would have turned 98 years old. On this day, on the website of the theatre will show the performance with its participation “Okaemov days,” directed by Rodion Ovchinnikov, released on the 90th anniversary of the artist. But Victory Day prepared a unique gift for fans of Vladimir Abramovich – premiere of his latest role in a short film young Vakhtangov, Sergei Bataeva “Old soldier”.

In 1941, going 19-year-old boys enlisted in the Red army and went to the front just graduating from your first year of study at the Shchukin theater school. “The decision came in September 1941, the performance of “field-Marshal Kutuzov”, – says Vladimir Abramovich in a recent interview. In the hall sat 13 spectators. I was so shocked that he suddenly realized: now people not to theatre. They are all there at the front. In the morning went to the recruiting office and volunteered”.

Young Etush fought in the mountains of Kabarda and Ossetia in the rifle regiment and even participated in the liberation of Rostov-on-don. And in 1943, in the face of Nazi bullets shattered the hip bone of the future actor. The wound could be fatal, but fate made Etush another way. But it was difficult 4 hospital, long-term treatment and return to home school with a cane in his hand.

By his own admission, this personal experience encouraged the actor to accept the role in the debut of Sergei Bataeva. The Vakhtangov theatre wanted to make a Grand presentation of the film on the New stage. But life has made adjustments. The last role Etush movie will show the channel “Culture” may 9.

Vakhtangov, Vasily Lanovoy and Alexander Oleshko suggested one day to unite two military project in the home – action “Immortal regiment” and “the Window of Victory.” May 9 at 12 noon everyone (musicians and fans) can go to their balconies to stand near the Windows and sing a song Tukhmanov’s “Victory Day”. And at 19:00 after the nationwide moment of silence to take a portrait of his hero – father, grandfather, great – grandfather, and stand in a single regiment from the private balcony or the window of the apartment.

– let us Remember all who have defended the world, sacrificing themselves, of those, thanks to whom we live on this beautiful Earth, shut up in memory of them. ��you will see that your neighbors, the people in the houses nearby that also come with portraits. And after a moment of silence, we all together will perform favorite songs – “Victory Day”! This is our unity!– I am sure Vasily.

the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov. Art theatre in Kamergersky ready to show the premiere of “In the trenches of Stalingrad” at the true and terrifying story of Viktor Nekrasov. This was announced by Sergei Zhenovach in September at the gathering of the troupe, adding that the statement involves only men. Of course, because of the pandemic, the Prime Minister moved. “But we will finish and show” – promises Zhenovach.

Instead, the Mat will hold an online marathon to the Victory Day: at noon on the official youtube channel and social media you will hear the recording of the program “Songs of military years”. Live it was performed in 2013, then accompanied by the Moscow contemporary music ensemble mhatovtsy Irina Miroshnichenko, Evgeny Kindinov, Nikolai chindyaikin, Sergey Sosnovsky, Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya, Marina Zudin, Dmitriy Nazarov, Marina Brusnikina, Dmitry Brusnikin Igor zolotovitski, Aleksandr Semchev sang songs about the war.

Viewers will see the record plays “the Return” by Andrei Platonov’s story, “the Ivanov Family” with Oleg Tabakov, and Alexei Guskov in the lead roles and “Migratory goose” brilliant play-survivor on two stories Victor Astafiev. Edward Chekmazov playing “Migratory goose” for 18 years, recalls: “For the time that he is coming, we are already grown up, many children have been born… Sometimes I think it’s time to finish, but I do step on stage I see people’s eyes and you can’t just Bang the lyrics! But start and can’t stop. This strength of this text, of the performance.”

the Moscow art theater. Gorky will show on their own teleplatform “Mat speaks!” created in isolation to the Victory Day. Online production of “Immortal line” was rehearsed and recorded via Zoom conference. It includes poems by O. Bergholz, V. Goncharov, A. Tarkovsky, J. Drunina, S. Gudzenko, B. Slutsky, I., Degen, E. Vinokurov and I. fragments of the poem Tvardovsky “Vasily Terkin”. Touch not only in Russia. 9 and 10 may broadcast of “Immortal lines” show at the Russian centre of science and culture in Paris and Tallinn. In parallel, the artists and the management of the theatre will give a lecture on the front-line performances and talk about weird war songs on the platform of the channel.

Theater. Of A. S. Pushkin. “Roads of war” project, which the Victory Day will hold a Vera Voronkova, Andrei Kuzichev. In real time they will read fragments of memories of the actors, who during the war in evacuation in Barnaul. For example, Alice Koonen, Kazan��Tsy Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, the Muse and companion of Alexander Tairov and one of the most famous Soviet Actresses of the first half of the twentieth century.

Diary entry of October 16, 1941. “The morning brought an unexpected, stunned us news: order Tairov and me to evacuate on the same day in the evening, the train number so-and-so, from the Kazan station. To go together? To leave the team?! It’s the death of theatre! Alexander Yakovlevich was shocked. He rushed to the phone, called the theater Director and Secretary of the party organization and went with them to the Committee for the arts. I was left alone. Unable to recover, in a strange confusion, and I aimlessly wandered from room to room. Finally, the front came a voice Tairov – “the Theater will be!” He managed to get permission to leave with us a small group of actors.”

“During the work in the Barnaul theatre gave 273 of the performance, they looked more than 176 thousand spectators. In addition, many artists became participants of the Chamber front-line concert brigades – their main task was to remind the soldiers about the values of the life they’re fighting for,” says the artistic Director of the Pushkin Evgeny Pisarev.

on may 8, and four days after the official accounts “Pushkin” will broadcast a recording of the perfect unique plastic of the play “mother’s field” by Chingiz Aitmatov story (dir. Sergey Zemlyansky). Symbolic and poignant story told without a single word, and her characters – not real people – archetypes: mother, father, son, land.

Small theatre also remember the letters of their legendary colleagues of Igor Ilyinsky, Eudoxia Turczaninovii, Mikhail Tsarev, Alexander Ostuzhev, Elena Gogoleva. 9 may present the actors of the Maly (Igor Petrenko, Valery Afanassiev, Lyudmila Titova and others) will read passages from the found letters. The video loop “whether they will Hear us?” will appear on the official pages on YouTube and Facebook on may 9. On the same day, viewers will see the entry of last year’s concert “letters from the front”, which will be available on the website within 24 hours.

Sovremennik 1 may lead the cycle of military dialogues. Every day at exactly 4 am on the official resources out of a single conversation about what war, victory, courage, homeland. Why keep memory of it and is it possible to live without her?

the authors of the “dialogues” young actors “the Contemporary” (Claudia Korshunova, Nikita Efremov, Marina Lebedeva, Ilya Lykov, Polina Rashkina, Igor Tsaregorodtsev, Simon Somin, Natalia Ushakova, Polina Pakhomova, Tatyana Lyalina, Georgy Tokayev) format zoom conference speak with each other and with their senior colleagues. And, in fact, may 9, on the same network platforms will be a very special, memorable, video. Excerpts from famous performances of the theatreand “live Forever” Oleg Efremova (it was with him in 1956, started a theater), “Echelon” Galina Volchek, “From Lopatin’s notes” Iosif reichelgaus, “We will not see you” read Valery Fokin, Oleg Efremov, Igor Kvasha, Yuri Bogatyrev, Lyudmila Ivanova, Valentin Gaft, Marina Neyolova.

the Moscow Provincial theatre. “Typically, may 9, we show the audience of Moscow and Moscow region musical and poetic performances, dedicated to Victory Day, – says the artistic Director of MGT Sergey Bezrukov. And this year poems and songs about the great Patriotic war will be performed by our actors, though not from the stage”. He is Sergei will be broadcast on the morning of 8 may, together with colleagues, they read the poem war poet Yuri Levitanskogo “Well, what with the fact that I was there”. Weekly project “Quarantine fiction” will be dedicated to poets of the great Patriotic war – Dronino Yulia, Olga Berggolts, Anna Akhmatova, Vera Inber.

Then on the theatre’s website and official YouTube channel will be recorded performance of “Merry men”. The basis – story writer and war veteran Viktor Astafyev. Hard, violent, completely devoid of any pathos, which was filled with contemporaries of the writer. The role Astafieva brilliantly plays Boris Galkin. And in parallel, immediately after the all-Russia Minute of silence, the troupe MGT will join the action “Immortal regiment” with portraits of fathers and grandfathers from their Windows.

Centre of drama and directing is also stand under the banner of “Immortal regiment”, and will have more to say about the veterans from the families of members of the theatre group on his page in Instagram. History of 38 soldiers from 24 families will appear in the stories network. A little later in the same Instagram – mounted concert artists to the CBD and SounDrama. In isolation, the musicians will play and record your games to all your favorite songs – “Ah, war,” “In the dugout”, “Oh, dear”, “Blue scarf”, to use the same mounting sound one powerful orchestra.

– in Spite of everything, I think the most important is to preserve the memory. I wish not only the Victory Day and “Immortal regiment” made us remember the feat of our fathers and grandfathers in the great Patriotic war, and the history of our culture in General – says the artistic Director of asset servicing Vladimir Pankov.

Theatre Practice. “I think that all people on earth need not just to preserve the memory, but also to do everything possible to avoid more wars that it does not happen again, says the artistic Director of the theater Marina Brusnikina. – And how not to cherish the memory? It is simply impossible, because there is no family that did not suffer this grief, which would not have been bereaved relatives. This memory is in our blood”.

Instead of the failed premiere of “the Box” (dir. Marina Brusnikina), scheduled for may 9, one of its participants – Nina Guseva – read a fragment of this pronmately novel by Chingiz Aitmatov. And before that, at 12:00 am the theatre Director Marina Brusnikina will tell you that means Victory Day for her personally.

in the Evening, the actors of the third Workshop Brusnikina will read excerpts of dramatic texts about the war. These texts first-year students of School-Studio of MKHAT chose themselves – Brecht, pink, Mueller, Watermelon, McDonagh, Okudzhava, Aleksievich, Durnenkov, Sadur, Frisch, Zorin, Ravenhill. An hour and a half, 18 fragments, 18 views.

Ramtha. In the day of great Victory here show one of the most poignant of his plays, “a stalemate lasts but a moment,” the Lithuanian prose writer Icchokas of Merasa. Staging brings the viewer into a Jewish ghetto in Lithuania, where 17-year-old Isaac Lipman will play a game of chess with a German officer, the commandant of the ghetto Adolf Soverom. At stake – the life of Isaac, and the whole ghetto. Unlike other broadcasts Ramtha, the play “a stalemate lasts but a moment” will be available for viewing for 24 hours.

“the Draw lasts a moment” is the first work of the Director Mindaugas Karbauskis, in Ramtha, marked the “Golden mask”. It employs first-class artists Alexander Grishin, Ilya Isaev, Daria Semenova and others. “The performance itself, each time, demands from us and our viewers a lot of stress and attention. And that contact always happens,” said Alexei Borodin, the artistic Director of the theatre.

Theater Army. Even before being in quarantine it was a large-scale project “23 days to Victory”, which was part of the theatres from all over Russia. Now on may 9 networking platforms theatre will be “Verses of Victory” (Konstantin Simonov, Tvardovsky, Semyon Gudzenko, Yevgeny Yevtushenko), as well as readings of plays by contemporary authors about the war and record productions. In Instagram and Facebook theater artists will continue to read the letters of soldiers from their own home archive and biographical history of Marshal Zhukov.

“Electrotheatre Stanislavsky” One of the most radical theatres of our time in the Victory Day on the official Facebook page (not the website) also read poems about the war. But not the classics front, and poets do not come from the field – George Suvorov, Musy dzhalilya, Iosif Utkin, Boris Kostrov, Paul Wintman, Fatikh Karim. Director of programs Svetlana Prokhorov.