“the Business showed a willingness to quickly connect to the most pressing issues,” said Karelova.

According to her, during a pandemic the social responsibility of business as manifested in the care of their workers, this applies not only to the preservation of employment in surprisingly difficult conditions, but also the application of its new forms, including the transfer of employees to work remotely.

Also Karelova has reminded that many businesses mobilized in a short time and began to produce personal protective equipment to compensate for their deficit. With the participation of the business unfolded the stationary laboratory for the identification of coronavirus infection, was built the hospital. Vice-speaker noted the role of entrepreneurship in support of volunteerism, stressing that the theme of social responsibility of business is viable, beneficial, popular life and time. According to her, the new levels reached in the implementation of programs of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

“This is all some kind of remarkable rise has occurred with the development of projects and programmes”, – said the Deputy speaker.

She also stressed that the pandemic was a challenge in Economics, business and welfare of the citizens, and the results are yet to perform. This pandemic, which applies to Russia, according to Karelova, is milder than in most other countries of the world. “This became possible thanks to the coordinating efforts of government, business and civil society”, she concluded.