Vice Prime Minister of Spain recovered from COVID 19

MADRID, April 14 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Chairman of the Spanish government, Carmen Calvo recovered from coronavirus COVID-19.

“I overcame COVID-19 and after recovery I will perform my duties, being present in person (at work),” wrote Calvo on Twitter.

She also thanked those who had supported her these days. “My support and solidarity to everyone who is going through difficult moments. This virus we will stop together,” she wrote.

Deputy Prime Minister on March 22, was hospitalized with a diagnosis of respiratory infection, tests confirmed COVID-19. On March 26 she was discharged from hospital and continued to work from home.

in Addition to the Calvo diagnosis of coronavirus was supplied two Cabinet members – Minister for territorial policy, Carolina Darias and Minister for equal opportunities Irene Montero. 10 APR Darias said that he had recovered.

Spain is now in third place in the number of victims (after the US and Italy) and second in the number of identified cases COVID-19 (after the USA).

Since the beginning of the epidemic and to 13 April in the country was identified almost 170 thousand cases, 17.5 thousand people died. In recent time there is a clear trend of slowing the spread of the virus, the leadership of the Ministry of health believes that the peak is passed.

the alert was extended until April 26. Restrictive measures in Spain – are among the most stringent in Europe. Residents have the right to leave the house only in exceptional cases: in order to buy food, medicines, get to the hospital, to help people who can’t cope on their own, to get to work. Monday resumed work some do not the vital industries and companies, whose activity was frozen during the last two weeks.

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