In the project “Active citizen” ended three territorial vote. Residents Veshnyakov and the Old Kryukov suggested to choose online events, which this year will be included in the program of celebrating of the city Day. And citizens from the area Novokosino decided what workshops and classes have to be in the center of recreation and sport “Spring”.

In the vote was attended by 1569 people. Of 31.36% of them felt that the online program of the city Day have to include the song contest. Of 17.78 percent voted for a dance competition. Competition of readers liked 8.67 percentage of “active citizens”. And 42.19 per cent answered that they are not interested in the online format events.

about the online program of the city Day in the Old Kryukov spoke 344 resident of the district. The majority of 35.47 per cent believe that we need to organize a themed photo contest dedicated to Zelenograd. For quiz voted 13.95 percent of participants. Even 11.63 percentage of “active citizens” wanted to participate in remote master classes on making cards and crafts. 8.14% chose the contest of drawings devoted to the city Day.

Your options offered 2.03 percent. So was the idea to hold online-meetings with famous people of Zelenograd, as well as to organize a competition of tours in the area among residents. And 28,78% of residents said that is not interested in events in the online format.

the leisure Centre and sports Rodnik invited the residents to choose classes for adults and children, also being held online. Just responded to 1157 residents of the area.

the Master-class “Toy for the hour” was chosen 29,47 percent, a lecture on the psychology of 17.03 percent. For lesson, “Breathe right” voice gave 14.43% of participants, and vocal lessons — 8.99 percent. Still 0.95 percentage of “active citizens” have offered their own versions. Among them was the online charging, the exercise of stretching, a master class on how to design Lego models.

29, and 13 percent of participants responded that they are not interested in events in an online format.

the Project “Active citizen” launched in 2014. During this time he was joined by more than 4.5 million people. Participants select streets and households that need to improve, vote for events for festivals and celebrations and offer their own ideas for the development of the city. Since the launch of the project Muscovites took part in 4.6 thousand votes.