Instead of on the street, stacking them in the garage Due to the Corona-crisis are many E-Scooter and electric Bicycle suppliers are forced to their operating prematurely set. After initial aggressive cleaning methods, go to the rental companies a step further: Until Further notice to stop in the whole of Germany, the provider of “Lime” (Germany’s largest E-scooter rental), “Bird”, “Cric” and the Uber belonging to the provider “Jump” in your service. All of the devices by the service provider are collected at a standstill. (Read more: Revolution or Invasion of the E-Scooter? It cities need to make now in focus!)

E-Scooter: potential virus-Carriers

According to the American Institute of health NIH and the CDC, the CDC corona can survive the virus for up to 72 hours on plastic and metal surfaces. A thorough cleaning and disinfection of the electric Kick scooter can eliminate the virus in more than 50,000 E-Tret-Roller in Germany, however, exclude a potential Transmission of the Covid-19 difficult.

Due to Corona: E-Scooter disappear from the streets

“Out of responsibility to and understanding of the people, the cities and communities in which we are active, we have decided to pause our service is temporarily in the whole of Europe,” – said in a Statement E-Tret-Roller-provider “Bird”. Other providers, such as “Jump”, aim to counteract the rapid spread of the Coronavirus and protect users.

but also has economic consequences: “Bird” has quickly drawn the consequences and about 400 employees terminated – the equivalent of some 30% of the workforce of the company.

“Voi” and “animal” primarily to hospitals

The Swedish provider “Voi” offers its services only in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Nuremberg – but in a significantly reduced extent. Before hospitals the last scooter to be parked now, in order to support the health staff and the Doctors. With the clear recommendation by the official “Voi”- Website – to use these only with gloves.

the animal is not offer so far, while the Corona-pandemic as a whole: “We are in all our cities, with increased security measures, in particular all of the employees in the system to provide the relevant Professions, a reliable mobility solution” – a spokesperson against the “image”.

Other service providers do not necessarily

affected More offers – such as a variety of Bicycle service providers are not affected, however, mandatory. Continue to wheels of the provider Uber, next bike, the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary “Call a Bike” on your rides, even with the extra free minutes.

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