It presents four paintings in the veduta genre by Michele Marieschi, Canaletto, Francesco Guardi and Henrik Franz van Lint-outstanding masters of Italian painting. The term was formed from the Italian word veduta, which means “view”, and refers to paintings depicting an everyday urban landscape. The genre is characterized by careful detailing, complete identity to nature and recognizability of the urban landscape.

“By the middle of the XVIII century, Venice became a recognized center of Veduta art. The hierarchy in the genre developed quite quickly: Giovanni Antonio Canale, nicknamed Canaletto, became the head of the Venetian school of Vedutists, his work is a standard for many generations of masters of the urban landscape. Veduts can be likened to a kind of photographs created long before the invention of this technology. These are surprisingly accurate images of reality, made with the help of a pinhole camera technique. I think the exhibition will delight anyone familiar with the history of Venetian and European art in general,” said Vladimir Petukhov, curator of the exhibition, deputy director of the Primorsky Art Gallery.

The exhibition of works by outstanding masters of Italian painting in Vladivostok became possible thanks to the project” Culture ” of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. This is a multi-year action plan through which the Group conducts purposeful work to promote art and culture in Italy. The Intesa Sanpaolo Museum complex, including branches in Milan, Naples and Vicenza, houses more than 30 thousand exhibits, a wide range of works is presented – from archaeological monuments to objects of modern art. Many masterpieces of world significance are exhibited not only in Italy, but also abroad.

From September 3 to November 7, the exhibition of brilliant examples of Venetian painting will be open to everyone.