he Studied at the Moscow Conservatory. In the Art theatre was adopted as an accompanist, he held the position of chief conductor. Today Nemirovich-Danchenko, head of the musical part of the theater. And one of the authors and performer of the main role in the documentary plays of the Moscow art theatre “Seven lives Ow. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko” the letters of his grandfather and “Your way is cute and far” on the correspondence of Chekhov and Knipper.

the Fragments of his story to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” – about the famous grandfather of the legendary and historical figures, about the traditions in the family of the founder of the Art theatre, remember the anniversary today.

it is Known that Nemirovich-Danchenko few who was to you. And you?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: Vladimir Ivanovich in fact, it seems that only with Chekhov and Moskvin had on you. But I was addressed by name and patronymic: you, Anton. Now everything is easier. But how beautiful the old Russian “Marya eighteen years”.

Your acting career began with the play “Seven lives Nemirovich-Danchenko”…

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: to Make this play based on letters and documents, my wife Angelica was their duty.

But why the lives of seven?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: Nemirovich-Danchenko himself suggested the name. In a letter to Knipper wrote: I think I am living the fifth or sixth life, not counting childhood. And, indeed, his life can distinguish seven periods. Was a playwright, writer, all abandoned, began to organize theater. Next is revolution going to America. He was invited to Hollywood for the “improvement of the American cinema.” But there he only wore on his hands, but gave nothing to do. Why Nemirovich-Danchenko worked in America? Received a telegram from Moscow that his music Studio, born in the depths of the Art theatre, permitted in the rehearsal rooms of the Moscow art theatre. He was outraged, terribly offended and signed a contract to work in Hollywood. But then nevertheless has returned to Moscow and began a new the Soviet period, the organization musical theater – another life. The other seven: his life with Chekhov, a life by Stanislavsky, communicating with a Thick, Bitter and so on. If these milestones go, too, it turns out seven lives.

On the show, we worked constantly. Changed scenes, made a new material… Once, for example, I got a call from the FSB and was invited to come. Gave a pass to the vault, it was removed from the shelves of the cadet business. According to it, 90 people passed, including, as it turned out, and Vladimir Ivanovich Nemirovich-Danchenko. In 1919 it was going to be arrested, raided, their apartment was sealed… For three days. Fortunately, he at this time was not at home. And then suddenly everything vanished. Reversed the order of arrest. As one who did can’t get. And if t��GDSs Vladimir Ivanovich at home, delivered him to the KGB and may have been removed, but then it quickly became. Many on this list were shot.

You were named after the eldest brother of Vladimir Ivanovich Vasily?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: Yes, Vladimir Ivanovich asked my mom. But what’s weird: my grandfather was abroad, and not just once, but no letters – no brother, no brother, no record there. Why? It was impossible. After the first bourgeois revolution, before the so-called great October, Vasily Ivanovich very strongly opposed the Bolsheviks, and when they saw that beginning to happen, time left. It was a taboo. He settled first in Germany, then the rest of her life to 95 years he lived in Prague. Was a respected man, the leader of the Russian emigration, author. Even a street in Prague named after Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko. When he died, in the city hung out mourning flags. And in Russia, nothing. As if it wasn’t. Only years ago had begun to publish three volumes of his prose came out. Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko was called the Russian Dumas: he has more than three hundred works, and interesting.

In 43-m to year, when Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko died, how old were you?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: Three years.

What do you remember?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: Remember visited field equipment, on the rack hung a white sheet I was sitting on the ladder, ahead in chairs – mom, dad, grandfather, and on the sheet some swans were swimming. Why swans, that it was for the movie, I don’t know. Then I remember: on the table was a silver platter and grandfather was called to treat a cranberry in the Sahara I was spoiled, some cakes. And the third thing I clearly remember: on the floor on all fours is Vladimir, I’m sitting on it riding and looking at the wardrobe. All. The most powerful impressions were… my memory only photographic sketches.

Your father was like a grandfather – in appearance, manners? About it because very little is known.

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: apparently not very. But dad was an aristocrat – a noble, gentle, beautiful, always knew how to dress, although the timing was poor. Father graduated from the Conservatory as a violinist, went with Vladimir Ivanovich in all countries, filmed in Hollywood. Incognito, he presented himself as a Frenchman, Michel Danton. He is very well spoken in French and English. With his grandfather he had lived in Europe in hotels: the father did not recognize stationary flats, said they should be removed, to go to the store. He did not like to do this.

What does the founder of the Art of the theatre had to physical culture?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: In my opinion, no. At least the parents didn’t tell me, and in a letter��x does not mention anything about it. Then much was decided on the tennis courts and the restaurants at the table.

And family holidays in Nemirovicha passed solemnly?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: And not just holidays. My mom told me: when Vladimir was alive and after the performances they were going for dinner, you had to go out in the evening dresses. My father also supported these traditions.

Nemirovich-Danchenko wrote that the feelings he lived a fifth or sixth life, and what you have now on account of life goes on?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: Oh, did not think…

be honest: the name of Nemirovich-Danchenko helped in life in difficult times?

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko: it All depended on what kind of people I was dealing. If a ball that had bad – you Nemirovich-Danchenko, well, I’ll show you. in addition, a long time coming out as one-sided: Stanislavsky, the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich always in the shade, and besides, still and interfered with Stanislavsky… even In England the book was published, where Nemirovich displayed a sort of Iago. But this is absurd. About Nemirovich-Danchenko were not known, but many theatrical reforms came from him. When released the two volumes of his letters, for many it was a revelation. A knowledge of the truths gives rise to a different attitude.

Yes, there were difficult situation. Like all… But there was an impression that Vladimir us from heaven, helping… Our performance of “Seven lives” ends with the words of Nemirovich-Danchenko: “You think I’d leave you alone? Do not expect”.

help “RG”

Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko is the author of music for performances of “Eldorado”, the “barbarians”, “Dark room”, “the Cherry orchard” (1989) and others. Among the performances, music which he did – “Ivanov”, “Cottagers”, “the Seagull”, “Golovlevs”, “Bench”, “Chekhov pages”, “Holy of holies”, “Volokolamsk highway”, “Moscow choir”, “Deer and shalashovka”, “Beautiful life,” “Woe from wit”, “Possible meeting”, “Boris Godunov”, “Love in the Crimea”, “Pit”, “New American,” “Profession Mrs. Warren”, “Yu”, “Duck hunt”, “Retro”, “Forest”, “a Little tenderness”, “Return”, “White rabbit”, “Last mistake of Mozart”.