Liz Wenrich was born and raised in Paris, studied art at the University, he founded his own brand of jewelry in 2000, and today among her fans Laetitia Casta and Marion Cotillard. Liz makes jewelry, which you would like to wear: simple design, high quality, convenient and comfortable to wear every day.— As a new reality in 2020 impact on your workflow?— I try not to be swayed by what is happening around. Stay positive is the most important in this period.— As you work on new collections, staying away from the team?— The situation has not changed much since I work alone.— How did you arrange the supply of necessary for production materials?— This process is not stopped, as factories of our suppliers, despite the quarantine, continued to work.— If we talk about inspiration, what ideas seem most important now? Or do you continue to work with the same topics?— Definitely my future collections will be built on more positive ideas. Now that I think about pendants-talismans for good luck, joy and love. To me this is very necessary, that’s why I work in this direction.— Perhaps now you are more concerned about business than creativity?— I’m more worried about the financial situation of my clients, so I reduce the number of products in the short collection.— Do you think that people will continue to buy new decorations in a crisis? Why?— Eternal gold jewelry, and gold and diamonds are eternal values and a safe investment. In times of crisis it is important to do yourself a pleasure, and people feel more confident when spent on eternal values.— What, in your opinion, the future of the luxury industry?— Luxury and performance will always be relevant. And the authenticity of the brands will be for buyers is even more important.Interviewed By Ekaterina Ziborova