Valdis Pelsh TV does not scare me. Over the decades of his career Valdis has worked on various projects, both in the Studio warm, and though romantic, but much less comfortable, like the slopes of Everest or the icy desert of Antarctica. However, the chair judge in the “Fashionable sentence” even for Valdis looks something very unusual, if not extravagant.

However, in a situation when Alexander Vasiliev is forced to comply with a two-week quarantine after the treatment of pneumonia, the air it is replaced Dmitry Dibrov and Valdis Pelsh, whose persons did not previously associated with the title fashion experts. “MK” contacted Valdis Pelham and discussed with him the ninja on the set, devices for cleaning air and the delights of self-isolation.

Valdis, your immersion in the world of fashion, that will be one of the main surprises of this TV season. How was shooting “Fashion sentence”? Did you feel like you are trapped in a strange place?

to be Honest, on TV, probably easy to find a person more far from fashion than I do. But that’s our job. I had very good co — host Evelina khromtchenko and Catherine Skulkina. And the entire team surprised me with their consistency, we did not lose virtually not one minute. Of course the recording of the program associated with so many disguises and transformations, takes much more time than “guess the melody”. But we did face in the dirt does not hit, Sasha Vasilyev for us will not be ashamed.

You used to look “Fashionable sentence”?

— No, I saw this program for the first time in my life. At first I saw it in the air, and then from the inside.

In terms of television you probably difficult to surprise, even on the catwalk sometimes serious passions boil…

— In each of the five programs that I recorded, I was surprised. For example, one of the participants, the husband of the main heroine, after her transformation really was speechless and just said interjections. Oh, Oh, uh… here, I thought, there was no melody, and because it would markedly. A new image is his wife really was unexpected. Before the Transfiguration of the three outputs two were black. I even called our heroine ninja with which to work is a pleasure, because it cannot be seen from a distance of two meters.

the rules Themselves, which are now filmed, also surprise even experienced people. Empty halls, masks, gloves…

— In our case it was not only Maxi and gloves for all the crew. Evelyn ensured the delivery of industrial equipment for purification of air and destruction of microbes. In between they were put behind the seats leading, because ms work without masks — to constantly put on and take off it just makes no sense. After each program, wiped the tables, so I hope nobody got infected. Of course we discussed how things are with Hope Babkina. She was in a difficult situation and we all wish her a speedy recovery. As Sasha Vasilyev and wish to quickly get in shape.

— because of the pandemic, many projects had to be abandoned or freeze. As reflected in your work, this global force majeure?

We are working on another project related to Everest, and just two weeks prior to departure to the place of shootings came about that Nepal closes mount and no climbing will not. Now we still don’t know when all will be restored. But, in my opinion, we all succumbed to some discouragement and fear for the fact that our lives will never be the same. And there is much more emotion than the situation deserves. I think that actually everything will be easier. Just need to be patient and try to fight this scourge together. You can’t pretend it doesn’t concern me, I spit on your rules of behavior. It’s not fair to the majority who goes out of her way.

— Work as a fashion judge was the only reason to get out of the house, or was there a situation when I had to break the regime of self-isolation?

— a Few days ago took an online concert of the “Accident”, which gathered an audience of more than four million people. I had a great pleasure, and speaking with the guys and taking this gig. We read the questions that have come in, some messages discussed live. As for television, we now write a script for a new documentary and look forward to beginning full operation. And already there are some reasons for cautious optimism.

Many of your colleagues have recorded home videos in which encourage finding advantages in the new life schedule. Now optimism is very important, though, to accept the need to restrict your movements is not easy. How do you stand such discomfort?

— the fact that I live in the suburbs where I have a rather large area on which to walk. The day is wound at least seven kilometers, and sometimes ten or twelve. Although largely self-isolation is, of course, Groundhog day. But to me, by the way, here helps experience that I got during the expedition to Antarctica. When we have thirty-four days without stopping went on the machines across the continent. And every day was very similar to the previous one. From the series: “Guys, how to get to the South pole”? And the answer: “that way, all the time right seven days. And on the eighth take a left”. But we’ve somehow learned to tolerate specificthe title, and find in it its charms. Charms can be found in isolation. One thing is for sure — as I haven’t been out for a long time. Of course we all did something around the house, who had learned English, dismantled the library, but will instead offer us a life without coronavirus and, probably, many of us will choose the latter.

your film about the expedition to Antarctica, which you have just recalled, was the observation that in those conditions it was necessary to responsibly treat their own health. Because it is easy to get sick, but be healthy is quite difficult. And at the moment there’s a similar situation…

Is true. If we go back to Antarctica, it is the highest in average elevation of the continent, and at an altitude of 3500-3700 meters already sores do not heal. In conditions of high mountains is really very difficult to recover. Need to go down, which is impossible if you are in the center of the continent. It is necessary to understand well. But a Director of photography Sasha Kubasov sometimes broke the mode and did not resist and wash the head. Really did it for forty seconds, which passed since the soaking of the head until the hair is dried with a towel and driest. To make this expedition quite risky — you have to be sure in the immune system of your body. But difficult to resist, for example, I can’t bear the dirty mind more than seven days, I’m having a hysterical fit. That’s not to wash was easier than not to get it wet. We are not washed for 23 days. And nothing suffered.

You can definitely the envy in the sense that extreme solid experience allows us to keep our spirits high in any situation. How to hold your household?

— All in business. Children study on remote. Who in higher education who are in school who are in kindergarten. Well, for the city, of course, easy. Have the ability to walk, has its own children’s Playground on site and all this greatly simplifies the isolation. So dear friends, think about how close to leave Moscow and move to a beautiful suburban expanses.