WASHINGTON, 30 APR – RIA Novosti, Mikhail Turgiev. Pandemic coronavirus changed the life of many cities in different countries and has forced the authorities to rethink the use of space, which has fewer cars, but there was a need for sufficient place to maintain safe distance between people. On some streets has banned the movement of vehicles and he put them in walking pedestrians. As the experience of the pandemic may affect the future of urban planning, RIA Novosti was told by the American experts in this field.

According to the Director of the Institute of urban planning and regional development in California Jason Corburn, it is necessary to take into account the experience of giving more space to people during a pandemic, this should help to create a healthier environment in the cities.

In modern urban planning, healthy environment detached from other aspects, said Korber. Accustoming people to travel by Bicycle or on foot, the designers have not changed the infrastructure for these needs and do not engage in other issues, such as poverty and discrimination, he added.

According to the specialist in urban economic development organization “Union of cities” (Cities Alliance), Joshua Drake, you need to pay new attention to the issue of providing space for people in cities in General.

“If we talk in General, that is a departure from the private car towards more public transport, walking and bicycles,” he said.

However, for the design of public spaces we need to consider many factors, he said.

Separately, the experts identified the problem of informal settlements in poor countries lacking even basic infrastructure to combat the spread of viruses.

the City needs to be more inclusive of undocumented workers, minorities, migrants, the poor, says Corbin.

“This is a critically important questions that have not been dealt and are doing battle with COVID-19 complicated. Addressing inequality in cities ensures that when you receive the following infectious disease, and it appears, designers would be willing to limit its spread,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

do Not ignore the problem of climate change, he said.

Drake also offers to look at the potential vulnerability of cities to viruses in conjunction with other issues. In particular, he believes that it is necessary to ensure equal access to employment, medical services, education. Another aspect is a program of informing the population. Not least is the quality of housing.

“Pandemic COVID-19 revealed the problem of poor quality design and building projects, especially in poor settlements where there are no resources and materials to regulate extreme temperatures. Living in the South in the case of forced isolation can be susceptible to disease, heat-related,” explained Drake.

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