Unusual symptom coronavirus

Dr. Italy and Spain argue that a rash on the legs of patients COVID-19 patients may be one of the symptoms of novel coronavirus infection. This reports the Metro.

Doctors came to this conclusion after analyzing a number of similar cases. The publication cites the example of 13-year-old infected with pneumonia COVID-19 resident of Italy. He was admitted to the hospital on March 8 with a rash on his heels, which was initially mistaken for the bites of spiders. Two days later, the boy emerged common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, muscle pain, headache, and itching and burning on the soles of the feet. The test for the coronavirus, held on 29 March, was positive.

At the moment every fifth infected the Italian, who is in the hospital, discovered skin disease, reports the Metro. According to doctors, this unusual symptom is particularly common in children and adolescents.

“If further observations and laboratory studies confirm that we are faced with a new clinical sign COVID-19, it can be useful to identify children and adolescents with minor form of infection,” — said pediatric dermatology Mazzotta of Troccoli (Mazzotta Troccoli) of the Italian city of Bari.

the Spanish experts also noted a new symptom coronavirus infection of the new type. “This symptom is more common among infected COVID-19 patients, particularly in children and adolescents — confirms the representative of the Spanish Association of pediatricians. — Also there are cases where a rash like this was shown in adult patients”.

the Expert explained that the rash of coronavirus similar to that which accompanied the small pox or measles. As a rule, are redness on the toes and subsequently heal, leaving no trace on the body.

Association of pediatricians has urged people to seriously treat such a rash and in case of its occurrence to isolate themselves at home. The experts recommended citizens not to go to health centers only in the presence of this symptom, however, if he is manifested, we should start to monitor closely the condition.

“Many wonder whether the effect COVID-19 on the skin. The answer is positive,” concluded Randy Jacobs (Randy Jacobs), associate Professor of dermatology at the University of California.