The Coronavirus that has been rampant for some months, but an outbreak of Sars-CoV-2 hits a lot of places and areas of the world, totally unprepared. The Latest Example: New York.

Elsewhere, there is not enough capacity in large quantity Tests, the information on the number of Infected could be.

Using Google “unknown Covid-19 outbreaks of tracking”

another way to find out where might be a Coronavirus outbreak, announcing, now brings the American Economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz in the game: Google.

The requests to the search engine could be used, to previously “unknown Covid-19-track outbreaks,” he writes in an article for the New York Times.

The data scientists in an evaluation of the Google searches of potential in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus: one is to make epicenters located, the health authorities have so far on the Radar.

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However, this is not Stephens-Davidowitz, according to everything: Through the evaluation of data analysts, it is possible, also symptoms of a Corona-disease does not reveal, of which doctors know that you are with Covid-19 in connection.

Using Big Data, huge amounts of data.

requests to Dr. Google

In its Deliberations, the Economist of a phenomenon is that many of us are familiar with.

Doctors have a name – tongue-in-cheek, you speak of Dr. Google.

The consultation with Dr. Google, when Someone is feeling unwell and is plagued by a niggles that appears to him strange and he has no explanation. We say: He can suddenly smell nothing more.

Even before he goes to the doctor, and he throws the Computer and controls on the Internet the search engine Google. In the search mask of the Stricken writes: “I can’t smell”.

Prompt Dr. Google provides a few suggestions that have to do with the loss of the sense of smell to.

look Like the results of, plays no role for the Considerations of the data analysts.

millions of people give up symptoms in Google

it is Crucial that someone has put the request in to Google. And pretty sure not the only one. “Every day, millions of people around the world, their health symptoms in the case of Google,” writes Stephens-Davidowitz in the New York Times. When many people enter an area a, and the same Symptom, could assume: There’s something in the Bush.

search query: “I can’t smell”

With a view to the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States the data scientist makes the proof of the pudding: The search request “can I not have been smelling” in the past few weeks, most often in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana and Michigan.

just in four U.S. States, currently the highest Covid-19-diseases, so Stephens-Davidowitz.

“Actually, the searches, agreed on in connection with the loss of smell in this period almost perfectly with the disease prevalence rates at the state level.”

The loss of the sense of smell is now regarded as a common Symptom for a Corona disease.

In Germany, the Bonn Virology Professor Hendrick Streeck, who has analyzed the health data of Patients in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, County Heinsberg, confirmed this recently. He was able to show that many patients suffer from a loss of sense of taste and smell.


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