“Our organization earns nothing on it. We ensure public accountability for all the money spent”, – assured in advance Rashed Sarwar Mustafa.

Team UNICEF’s guaranteed the treatment which has learned, has a “unique ability to deliver in Belarus, the largest batch of medical materials”, is prepared to organize, in cooperation with partner logistics hub in Denmark. The entire load will be transferred to the government of Belarus for further delivery to the institutions of health, education and social protection. “Some of the equipment will be purchased by us from Belarusian producers”, – States the letter.

As you know, due to the special status accorded in the UN system UNICEF, this organization is exempt from taxes and customs duties when importing goods into the country. In addition, the children’s Fund for 25 years, works directly with the Belarusian government that, in their words, “to avoid delays in delivery and the legalization of international disaster aid”.

within six weeks, it is stated in the appeal, they will be able to transport “more than 1.5 million litres of antiseptic and personal care products, more than one million test-systems, devices for remote temperature measurement, hygiene kits for the needy, personal protective equipment, oxygen concentrators and much more.”

in addition, UNICEF is ready to discuss with the Belarusian partners, and centralized purchasing of equipment for remote education in schools and special institutions, to provide expertise and support in establishing a national distance learning system.

As you know, according to the latest data, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the entire world has already exceeded the 3-million mark. With regard to the situation in Belarus, where, according to the health Ministry on Wednesday, it was 13 181 cases COVID-2019. For all the time of a pandemic recovered 2 072 patient died – 84. The dead had numerous chronic illnesses that worsened during coronavirus infection, reported by news portals.