At the 43rd session of the Council for human rights United Nations office at Geneva Vice-Premier of the Crimean government and the permanent representative of Kazakhstan under the President of Russia Georgy Muradov in the format of a video message urged the United Nations to investigate water and energy blockade of the Peninsula from Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the permanent representation.

Muradov noted recalled how in 2014 Kyiv inhuman deprived of the 2.5 million inhabitants of the Crimea with fresh water, cutting off built in the Soviet Union the North-Crimean canal, by which the Peninsula received 85% of fresh water.

In response to blocked Ukraine’s land transport artery, Russia promptly built road and railway bridges.

he Also recalled how in the year 2015 in Ukraine blew up transmission lines, which in the Crimea received 80 percent purchased by Republic electric power.

– Russia to rescue of the Crimean people, extra built energy bridge, then the two power plants, he said.

based On this, Muradov concluded that made in 2014 after the coup in Kiev, the request of Crimeans on joining the Peninsula to Russia was legitimate.

– So in the Crimea, the requirement to return the Crimea to Ukraine is perceived only as a call to destroy our people, – he stressed and added: ‘But the lives of the Crimean people matter!

According to Vice-Premier of the Republican government, the West decided to punish the inhabitants of the Crimea for the implementation of fundamental human rights and therefore does not recognize voluntarily Crimeans received Russian passports. Muradov also said that the Kyiv authorities have deprived of Russian in Ukraine the right to use their language and to get General education in schools, and now support an extremist organization and conduct of sabotage.