Ukrainian TV presenter called Zelensky to end the farce

MOSCOW, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian TV presenter and actress Snezhana Egorova criticized President Vladimir Zelensky for failure to fulfill election promises, accusing him of incompetence and “the game” on camera. His position was stated in a video posted on Facebook.

“All that you are doing today, and especially your requests on a flag background and your class final plea that we all had 36,6 is, of course, very cool, cool, if it was in the framework of the series “servant of the people”,” said Yegorova, suggesting that Zelensky “a bit lost and forgotten”.

She blamed Ukrainian President for failure to fulfill campaign promises, appointment to responsible positions of incompetent people and lack of response to the epidemic of coronavirus.

According to the presenter, Zelensky wakes up thinking about how to apply makeup, drive to the shooting area, to shoot a video, prepared by professionals to read without comprehending, prepared text and with a sense of duty to return home.

the video message, which publishes the Ukrainian leader, suggests that he is incompetent and not interested in how to fully master the profession of the President and be responsible for all their actions and deeds, said the actress.

“I’ll Tell you honestly – this is the role you currently play, you do not very talented,” said Egorova. However, she noted that it is much more successful in Zelensky was able to show the greedy politicians in the “Kvartal 95”.

“Now, when you’re trying to pretend to be Elon musk when you’re standing in an expensive suit, when you read someone else’s text, you look ridiculous, unconvincing. And I think that you ought to stop this charade that you are playing for the country and for the world,” concluded Egorov.

Egorova worked as a TV presenter on Ukrainian TV channels ICTV, “1+1”, “inter”, “Ukraine”, and several others. She has also starred in several films and television series.