Members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine differed in estimates of the country’s existing quarantine measures. The Ministry of health is ready to meet the authorities of major cities, and to allow the underground, but against this has been the Ministry of infrastructure. The mayors are trying to take matters into their own hands and create a new party, for which the assumptions can stand the ex-Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. With details from Kiev — the correspondent of “Kommersant” Matthew Shimanov.The next stage of easing of the quarantine in the Ukraine, unless there is a new outbreak of the coronavirus, scheduled for 20th may. It is expected that at the end of the month to have open on may 11, hairdressing, summer verandas cafes, dental offices and law offices will be added to hotels, gyms and fitness centers. The Minister of health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov considers possible resumption of the may 25 work underground, first in Kiev and then in the two other largest cities of the country — Kharkiv and Dnipro.”We will have specific proposals regarding the stages of exit from the quarantine to be approved by the government decree. It takes into account all, without exception criteria: under what conditions can open up urban transport and the metro. If Kiev will meet these criteria, we do not see this as a problem,” said Mr Stepanov, however warned that the subway would not be able to earn in normal mode and some time the passengers will have to put up with all sorts of inconvenience in use of the underground transport.”A couple of days ago was going to Kiev headquarters (for emergency situations.— “B”), and there agreed that the open with restrictions is quite difficult. If subway opens, it works fully,”— said the head of the Ministry of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley the TV channel “1+1″. He also said that he was surprised by the inconstancy of the position of the city authorities of Kiev, who at first agree with the arguments of the Ministry of infrastructure about the delays of the opening of the subway, and a few days later require the government to do everything for the resumption of train traffic.Photo: Gleb Garanich, ReutersМэр of Kiev Vitali Klitschko really appealed to the authorities of the state with a request to cancel the ban on working underground and return all trains on the line already since may 25. He explained this by the fact that more and more citizens back to work and land transport with the flow of passengers can no longer cope. Moreover, according to the mayor, the passage of the subway should be open to everyone, whereas now travel in the trams, trolleybuses, buses and taxis are available only to holders of special permits that the city adminitrate issued to employees of enterprises, from the smooth operation of which the life of Kiev.”As for the idea of special passes to travel in the metro, it is absolutely utopian: we will create a terrible crowds and going to face a situation which will be even worse. Therefore, metro should be open to work in normal mode. But I want to appeal to the people of Kiev: this does not mean that everyone should ride as usual. Here comes your responsibility-you must comply with the race, the obligatory presence of a mask, gloves, observance of the basic rules,”— said Mr. Klitschko in his video.Photo: Gleb Garanich, ReutersПохожее the appeal was recorded and the head of the city administration of the Dnieper Boris Filatov. He also urged the Central government to lift the ban on the use of the subway, which, according to the mayor, affects the economy of the city.”What was the point of us open up the markets if there can’t come all who need it, primarily the customers? The only thing we can do for you with other mayors, to demand the government to stop self-deception, to run public transport in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures,”— said in the video Boris Filatov.In the administration of Kharkov, where after the easing of quarantine may 11, many citizens returned to the normal operating mode, also offer to resume work underground. Officials report that due to the closure of the subway, which accounts for half of all passenger traffic Kharkov, overcrowded land transport. Because of this, the city can expect a real outbreak of disease coronavirus.”Looking at what is happening, and metro does not work, I see a threat to the implementation of quarantine measures in the city. In addition, people weakened his responsibility to enforce quarantine. Nobody can abolish the wearing of masks, gloves in the store, observance of a distance. Need to be mindful of this situation and raise the question of the opening of the metro in front of the government”,— said the Deputy head of the city administration of Kharkiv on health and social protection of the population Svetlana Gorbunova-Ruban.In political establishment of Ukraine is not the first week talks about the formation of a new political force called “the party of mayors”, the backbone of which should be the head of the major cities. Edition of “RBC-Ukraine” with reference to own sources reported that the negotiations on the creation of such a party did take place. And behind them were the former Prime Minister and former mayor of Vinnitsa Vladimir Groisman, and as the principal persons of the party was considered Vitali Klitschko and Boris Filatov.Mister Klitschko to a direct question about his involvement in this project posed by journalists “RAdio Freedom”, answered vaguely, stating that the mayors want to be represented at other levels of government and talk about it among themselves.For this kind of communication from the Ukrainian mayors have even a separate area — the Association of cities of Ukraine. The last meeting online held on 13 may. After the meeting, the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich actually confirmed the existence of plans for the construction of the party’s governors on the eve of the scheduled for October local elections. “In my speech I stressed that throughout the country the situation is extremely negative. We see today the actual folding of the decentralization reform. The local authorities again take away the powers that they have been recently transferred. None of the existing political parties will defend the interests of local government. And if local politicians do not unite and do not create a lot of horizontal type, main interest which is the development of local communities, not the interests of political groups, then we will have a gradual decline,”— said Mr. Sienkiewicz after your online meeting.So, in may of last year the head of the city administration of Kharkov and Odessa Gennady Kernes and Gennady Trukhanov declared the establishment of a common political force, “Trust Affairs”. About a month later it was announced the merger of the party of “Trust business” with the party “Opposition bloc”, while Lord Trukhanov and Kernes has got a place in the top ten of the electoral list of the block. However, the results of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which took place on 21 July 2019, “the Opposition bloc” scored 3.3% of votes, not breaking the five percent barrier.