representatives of the four countries did not attend the meeting of the UN security Council through the “Arria formula”, initiated by Russia. This was reported by the Russian permanent mission.

the UN security Council meeting on the situation in Crimea, which was held on may 21, refused to take part the representatives of Ukraine, USA, UK and Estonia. The permanent mission noted that the delegation violated the established practices of the UN Security Council, according to which all the members participate in meetings on “the Arria formula”, even if they don’t approve of the chosen theme.

“I Regret that our Ukrainian colleagues did not dare to participate in our “Arria formula”..Not graced our meeting and representatives of Britain, USA and Estonia”, – stated in the message.

After that, the representatives of the Russian Federation did not participate in organized by the permanent mission of Estonia to the event.

the Diplomats said that they not only attended the meeting, “but also demonstrated disregard for the inhabitants of the Crimea, about whose fate they claim to care”.