Yulia Tymoshenko once again comes to the forefront: the rating of mentioning in mass media of Ukraine, leader of “Batkivshchyna” suddenly “jumped” up to several paragraphs. “MK” has tried to understand, due to what the lady is going to soon oust political rivals.

Immediately, I note that in the present “burst of activity” Julia did not resort to prohibited methods. Not aiming pointed toe louboutins below the belt Zelensky because of rumors about his marital infidelity and actively discussed in Ukraine’s recent attempts to sell profitably owned by the presidential couple of an Italian Villa… Painful blows to the image of the incumbent President collapsed in connection with the actions Zelensky in the economic plane. As we know, Tymoshenko herself feels in this environment like a fish in water.

Yuliya Tymoshenko, in particular, appears to be erroneous than the officially declared rate Zelensky in “grain brains”. That is, the agrarian sector and Ukrainian it people. Only two of these industries, no matter how much vbuhivayut funds for the maintenance of “Minsitry” (the colloquial name of the Ministry in the digital transformation of Ukraine headed by a personal friend Zelensky Mikhail Fedorov – ed.) to feed almost 40 million people Nezalezhnosti can’t. Need finally to turn to the industrial enterprises inherited from the Soviet Union.

Equally misguided, according to Yulia Tymoshenko, is the rate of Vladimir Zelensky in “rehabilitation” in Ukraine gambling. The bill approved yesterday the Parliament by 28 votes of the parliamentary group “Trust”. Own “bayonets” of the “Servant of the people” barely mustered 220 with 226 needed. According to estimations of “servants”, until the end of the current year state budget of the Republic receipts of the casino and various gaming halls will receive from 4 to 10 billion (from $147 million to $368 million). In subsequent years, say, taxes from legalized casinos to the Treasury will flow Aki wild spring water.

none of the “servants of the people” had not thought that this money will be forced to give the native state of the already impoverished due to the “coronavirus quarantine” compatriots-Ukrainians. For a minimum $ 4 billion to replenish the state budget, they will have to squander in gaming halls 40 billion in their blood.

In the “gambling” the bill, called Yulia Tymoshenko “lobbying and corruption”, there is a paragraph on the establishment of a register ludomanov”. When you log in to casino security guards are required to check your passport data with the corresponding database. If people listed in it, it talks wrapped up, because if you lose this customerand the casino should compensate his family spent their money. Tymoshenko does not believe in the “efficiency” of these regulations. “The money will still be out of family budgets, from men’s pockets, – the politician wrote on the social network. – The world health organization has recognized ludomania more dangerous disease than alcoholism and drug addiction”. Experts led by Yulia Tymoshenko of the “Fatherland” party came to the conclusion to add to the state budget of the expected 4 billion, clients casinos and gaming halls will lose 40 billion UAH. and all 82 billion.

in Addition to the casino “in every alley,” Tymoshenko scares Ukrainians rampant crime, in particular drug addiction, and riotous debauchery, which “on the spot” would be in gamblers.

the three-minute speech from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, Tymoshenko’s “ran” not only on Zelensky, and on the second in the list of candidates for the presidency Poroshenko. According to the leader of “Batkivshchyna”, the last six years (5 under President Poroshenko “and especially in the last year”, that is, with Zelensky), Ukraine given on the plundering of international speculators. “Today Ukraine manage them, anger was saying Julia. – Take advantage! And the interests of the people has been almost destroyed and crossed”. In the office of the President of the Republic and the Parliament “dominated by corruption, delivered at the legislative level.”

to Stop this “chaos” can the people in local elections on Sunday 25 October.

Such a hard “arrival” in Zelensky his compatriot did on January 17, when he first called the Pro-presidential faction “servant of the people” with the word “scum”. Even then, six months ago, the Kiev experts talk about the actual start of the early presidential campaign.

to outrun Zelensky with Poroshenko, the “Fatherland” it is necessary to achieve good results on October 25. In the camp of the head of state is well aware. Because under the pretext of “administrative reform” started the consolidation area in the Ukrainian regions. Of the existing 490 districts plan to leave 133. If the plan has been able to push through a vote in the Parliament elected in late October as a result of national will, the mayors of Ukrainian cities would become nothing crucial decorative pieces. Above them stood the heads of district administrations, that is, vertical, Vladimir Zelensky.

According to Tymoshenko, due to the elimination of districts from the face of the earth will disappear thousands of Ukrainian villages. Because without schools, medical stations, courts, clubs, and social services empty even some of the regional centers. People will simply leave the places where they lived for centuries. The government will rent their properties to agrarian monopoly.

While controversial forkinoproekt of consolidation could be removed from consideration. Which means “Fatherland” has a chance to win 25 Oct convincing revenge for the defeat of its founder in the spring of 2019.