a TOILET roll for you, or go to the wall?

This is an epic debate is as old as the toilet itself. You can Hang the toilet roll with the new sheet over the roll – back to the gebruikerskant, or under, the reel to muurkant. Has the benefit of a child or a pet is not just for the whole part down. However, it is the clients who are in the majority, turn out to be. All Logo’s and graphics tend to be focused on the gebruikerskant. An American survey from a few years ago, it was found that 74 per cent of the toiletbezoekers have been sheets of toilet paper it is preferably to be directed to. The science is there even an argument for this: if you take a sheet of toilet paper, take it to your aim, you hit, only that piece of it. If not, you may have to the wall, and you’re more likely to have bacteria on or in them. By the way, you could say that the debate is already settled and it was before they started. Since then, Seth Wheeler in 1891, and a patent is granted for the toilet roll, it was in the accompanying drawing, the user is directed to.

fold or wad to use?

It is the eternal debate between the toiletpapiergebruikers in the world: you fold me a number of sheets, or to prop up a bunch of paper just to work with? The website ” Fold or Scrunch, is dedicated to the discussion list for a number of reasons why. Wrinkles and is cleaner, because you have a larger area covered than that of a prop. It is more accurate. It is more ecological and economical because you use less sheets to be used. Coming up is faster and easier to understand. You can’t hold on without you afraid to put your finger through the paper, and, in general, keep your fingers further away from the danger zone. The same research is repeated, from bathroom ttings maker, American Standard, it was found that 67 per cent speed. Twice as many plooiers as props, so to say.().

As it is, the world is divided up: floor sweepers and scrubbers.

The world is divided into floor sweepers and scrubbers, ” wrote Rose George in The big necessity, , and her work on big message . We are in our country and in the rest of north-western Europe and the English-speaking world – to wipe up with a paper. But what about the other?

the southern France is the country in which the hotel was able to put together. The sink, for the wind was with us for a long time, in general, as well as the French people had with the washers and the thumb of the pans and a matching broom.

In the Southern European countries, such as Spanish and Italian is still widely the bidet is in use.

India & Pakistan is a water culture. Always have a jug of water with me to the bathroom. If there is a hose with a spray nozzle, in the vicinity of the toilet. Wiping with paper is considered unsanitary.

the muslim countries in order to wash it as well. With his left hand, which is unclean to be seen. To eat and shake hands, you do it with the right.

the Japan , was a land of pans and a matching broom. They were the washers. Thank you to the two companies, from the beginning of the 80’s, to fully automatic toilets on the market had to offer. A sproeiarm to the back to wash the bottom with warm water and then warm air-dried.

the South Korea to go a step further and create a true hightechtoiletten. They play music and have wi-fi internet access. And you have a smartphone, you choose how hot you want water.