two More health care facilities have joined the Unified medical information and analytical system (UMIAS) hospital 24 hospital № 67 named after L. A. Vorohoba. Only in the capital, six hospitals connected to the system.

City clinical hospital № 24 now redeveloped for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. The chief physician of Gregory Rothman noted that due to the introduction of the new system doctors can reduce the contact between themselves and the patients to the minimum necessary.

to connect to the SYSTEM, the hospital was replaced by the old network and hardware system, a modern network and server equipment, updated the jobs of employees. In addition, medical staff received training and coaching. In the future it is planned to connect to the SYSTEM, perinatal center hospital No. 24.

City clinical hospital № 67 named after L. A. Vorohoba by connecting to the SYSTEM, received an automated patient management from admission to discharge.

With the help of MEDICAL doctors can review electronic madartani each patient. Connecting to the system, doctors are authenticated and get access to the data that is entered to the hospital, and to information about the treatment that was carried out earlier in the clinic or in another Metropolitan hospital.

At the time of discharge epicrisis of the patient is loaded into the electronic medical records automatically. This allows the doctor to immediately get the actual information. The patient can read your e-card on the portal

the First hospital-connected SYSTEM, became Scientific research Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosofskiy. Also have joined the system of the clinical hospital № 15 named after O. M. Filatov, Morozovskaya children’s hospital, a hospital named after I. V. davydovskiy

EMIAS is not only the transition to electronic documentation, but creating a single information space of the capital of health. Connected to the system, all outpatient clinics of the city and part of the hospitals, it is also available to ambulance crews and emergency aid.