an international team of archaeologists published a preliminary study of a closed tomb at the Taposiris Magna in Egypt. In this tomb, which scientists consider one of the probable places of burial of the legendary Queen Cleopatra, was found by two gilded mummies.

On the finding, briefly tells The Guardian. Egyptologist Glenn Godinho of the University of Liverpool have called this discovery a phenomenal and sensational.

a few years ago, scientists have suggested that Cleopatra could be buried at Taposiris Magna. This ancient temple of ISIS was built by her ancestors from the Ptolemaic dynasty in the Nile Delta, about 45 kilometers from Alexandria.

Earlier during excavations in this area were discovered the alabaster head of a statue depicting Cleopatra. This gave grounds to assume that there can be the tomb of the Queen, unsuccessfully looking for the past two millennia.

In the new study, scientists were able to penetrate inside one of the tombs found here, which for centuries remained untouched. In the burial chamber were found two mummies. They are in poor condition, because the camera centuries penetrated the water.

Both of the mummy was subjected to x-ray analysis, which showed that they belonged to a man and a woman. It was also found that initially, the mummy was covered in gold leaf. It indicates a very high social status of the buried, because it was a luxury, available only to representatives of high society.

Archaeologists believe that if the tomb was not the Cleopatra, it could be someone from her inner circle of officials with whom she was closely associated. According to one of the extended versions, it could be a high-ranking priests, who played a key role in maintaining the power of the pharaohs.

this is shown, for example, the image of the scarab, which was engraved on the gold cover of one of the mummies. In Egyptian mythology the scarab beetle is a sacred symbol not only of the Royal power, but also of rebirth. This symbol was used by the pharaohs and important priests.

“right now, these mummies are covered with dust after 2,000 years underground, they were very impressive, said Dr Glenn Godinho. – They were covered with gold leaf, and this indicates that they were important members of society.”

Earlier, during the excavations at Taposiris Magna archaeologists also found a headless statue of the Pharaoh. It is assumed that she portrayed Ptolemy IV, ancestor of Cleopatra. Here was discovered a large slab with an inscription, telling that the temple was dedicated to the goddess ISIS. Cleopatra, as we know from written sources, considered himself a “human incarnation of ISIS”.

in addition, in the area of Altaconvent of the temple, where priests made sacrifices to the gods, was found about 200 coins with the name and profile of Cleopatra.

read More about the discovery archaeologists obeidat to tell dokumentalno in the film, which first will be shown on British TV on July 16.