This hospital stay will help her financially in Corona time!

Dana Golombek (49) is to be seen on Tuesday in the popular ARD series “In Aller Freundschaft” (21 clock). The Gage of the shooting in the Saxon clinic, you can use currently well.

Currently, she is with her 14-year-old daughter at home in Berlin. Because Corona is a Premiere and four of their theatres have cancelled performances until the end of April.

Marion fencing (Dana Golombek, l.) asks sister Miriam (Christina Peteren, 29, t.) how’s your husband who needs a kidney donation

photo: MDR/Saxonia Media/Robert Strehler

Golombek to the PICTURE: “This is a time for all of us a great challenge. Everything is at a standstill. In normal times, only ten percent of the actor of your professional life. I’ve been lucky that I’ve turned in 2019, much the and reserves can be accessed.“

The successful actress, who has also started a teaching degree, does not regret her career decision, but also limits: “of Course it is not easy. A study of Maria Furtwängler has shown that the ratio of the role of the offers is from 40 years ago, very distorted. On a TV role for a woman and eight for men. You have to be versatile, to be able to of the acting life. Of course, you can also make radio or Synchronous, but you have to get a foot in the door.“