first and Foremost, the viewers of the Markus-Lanz-Talks, learns, however, that the Figures present us the Institute Johns Hopkins, and Robert Koch a daily basis, are insufficient and often be misinterpreted. Currently 102.888 Corona is meant to be Infected and around 36,000 Convalescent. “The Infected don’t scare me, because we all have to go this way,” explains mathematician Gerd Antes from the Medical University of Freiburg. You mean: We all must be somehow and sometime immune. The Convalescent, of which it had much, much more to give than is currently statistically recorded, so is already behind. But, unfortunately, the extent of the Infected “much larger”. “We do not have the slightest idea.” The dark figure was 5, 10 or even 20 Times higher than the recorded value. Biostatistician Antes calls: “the quality of The Figures is very bad. We should deal with this uncertainty, more open.“

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One of the ten lung patients dies

“We have been left out in the rain,” warns Hamburg-based lung specialist Martin Ehlers. The medical staff have currently over to a few breath masks and protective suits. Otherwise Ehlers is annoyed, especially by people such as the Biostatistician Antes. “I think the Numbers are fantastic,” he says. “We have the best Figures in the whole of Europe.” Also because the politics have done a lot right. “I like the people interest on the intensive care wards and since we have beds enough.” With a view to the stations in the North of Italy and elsewhere Ehlers is a hard judgment. “If I see ten patients in the prone position, I know only one survived.” The care of people of the breathing machine was in every respect so intense that the mortality rate is extremely high.

No moral scruples

“I am really pleased that many markets see a gap and go in there,” said lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil. Since, for example toys and Radgeschäfte are closed, to offer, in the meantime, supermarkets naughty also wheels and toys. The protection of the population is for smaller retailers even more competitive disadvantage. Moral scruples, there appears to be no. With laws it is all these actors, apparently, hardly. “It is difficult for these an incredible number of situations to make the right decision,” explains Weil and adds a disarming sentence. “We currently have to explain a lot.” Shouldn’t politicians explain their political approach?

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