Murders, kidnappings and intrigues: GZSZ celebrates its 30th anniversary of the series. So much has happened during this time that the actors themselves can no longer remember. Once even five actors were killed with the pantyhose.

Wolfgang Bahro, aka Jo Gerner, has no idea what was on the tape that he used to blackmail. Bahro also missed the fact that Irene choked on a pretzel and eventually choked to death. “I didn’t know that anymore,” he admits. Of course that can happen. Since 1993 and episode 185, Bahro has been part of the game “as the loving head of the family, vengeful, unscrupulous villain, crafty rascal and Germany’s best lawyer” (RTL). He’s kind of a beloved crowd villain. The format, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on May 1, 2022, is hard to imagine without him. Because a lot happens in these 7500 episodes, RTL is doing a little anniversary quiz with the GZSZ actors about all the murders, kidnappings and intrigues. In it, the series has been “German champion for 30 years,” says RTL.

“There have been some strange deaths,” states Wolfgang Bahro when asked to guess which objects on the table in front of him people in the series died with. pantyhose. waving cat. Deco pineapple. Shoe. pretzel Kill the pretzel, someone was killed with the pineapple and the “tights murders have reduced our crew quite a bit,” says Bahro. That’s a literal serial killer. Because five series actors left the series strangled in this way. The actors’ five-fold exit from the series could hardly have been explained otherwise. With so many episodes, there’s pretty much nothing that doesn’t exist. Lots of slaps, swapped babies, treason, drug smuggling, fake murders. Extortions and kidnappings. “There’s so much intrigue,” moans Gisa Zach. She has only been there since 2019.

RTL has calculated exactly. Jo Gerner alone would have to go to jail for 199.5 years if you add up the sentences for all of his crimes. The serial life has always played badly on the man himself. Over time, five pregnancies were faked for him alone. There are other kinds of surprises for the other actors as well. A mother is kidnapped by her son in a bunny costume because she keeps her offspring from having a job in the family company. Toasters and books explode and while they’re having sex, the kitchen suddenly catches fire and firefighters trudge through the apartment. The series makers are particularly proud of the human surprises. “All the great artists were there,” says actor Marc Weinmann.

For a while it was fashionable to make a guest appearance at GZSZ. Hape Kerkeling once played a mover. In addition to the inevitable Thomas Gottschalk, Berlin’s then mayor Klaus Wowereit and Jenny Elvers, it was mainly musicians who played. Anyone who wanted to sell sound recordings saw the series as a good platform. They came: Ross Antony. Tic-Tac-Toe. Vanessa Mai. Nena. floret. Ed Sheeran. Unholy. And. Many. More. The list could be extended indefinitely. Question: How many days would you have to sit in front of the screen to see all the episodes in a row? 403 days. You could probably use some musical relaxation in between. 30 years! “It’s been a long but good time. That’s television history,” says Bahro. “It’s the most successful television series.” In any case, it’s certain that the screenwriters left little out. One slips in the kitchen and loses consciousness, another does the same because he bangs his head on the wing mirror of a car outside. Note: At GZSZ it can happen anytime, anywhere!

And for actress Lisa Zach, a solution will probably also be found in the coming years. “I want to too!” she demands, meaning that she wants to perform one of these breathtaking stunts too. One of those falls onto the tracks or a jump off a cliff. Maybe she just wants to be trapped in a burning bunker. Or in one of those nasty Asian jails for drug smuggling. It’s just stupid that Lisa Zach plays the blind Yvonne. But maybe that doesn’t mean anything in this series. Surely a small miracle will happen with Yvonne soon. If you manage to get 30 kidnappings in the series in 30 years, you can also make the blind see.

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