In Simferopol there are large queues outside the post offices and banks, said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Yuri Hotsanic at the meeting of the operational headquarters for the prevention of coronavirus in the Republic of Crimea. “People are waiting for their turn for 30 minutes. Instructed the relevant Ministers to understand,”— said Mr. Hotsanic.This message puzzled me: it would seem that the reasons for panic and queues in the Crimea there. But in conversations with friends local bankers, the solution is found. Now the end of the month before the may long weekend is enough, and so people go to banks and the post office is, by tradition, to get money before the holidays, to make timely payments such as for utilities. It is worth noting that you must carry cash, especially before the holidays, and discipline to make payments habits rather older people. And these citizens often visit offices of banks.However, there is no rush, say bankers. The point here is discipline Crimeans: they comply with self-isolation, and when visiting the banks hold between social distance (not less than five feet), which queue crawl out of the premises on the street.”A small crowd of people near some branches of the Bank are based on the implementation set by CPS standards compliance with social distance in public areas— note the largest Bank of the Crimea, RNCB.— The described situation most often occurs in the morning when a certain number of people gather near the office prior to its opening, while during the day, no queues”.It is worth noting that Russian banks operating on the Peninsula, most of them got office left the Crimea of the Ukrainian banks, which, according to interlocutors, “b”, requirements to the offices were lower than in Russia. That is, spaces just smaller. In addition, banks are working to translate the most routine operations in remote channels, and people of retirement age prefer not to use the Internet and terminals and ATMs.”In most departments there is an area in the lobby where the ATMs and POS terminals. It is small, and there in terms of quarantine and there are people waiting for their turn on the street,” explains one of the interlocutors “Kommersant”.That is the clue — on the surface, but fear, as you know, big eyes, that Crimean officials and create panic, risking, by the way, to provoke a real turn their statements. And while the statistics of the cases of coronavirus in the Crimea is relatively positive: 89 people, or less than 0.1% contracted for the whole territory of the Russian Federation.