The Turkish military and the riot police grabbed a piece of Greek land on the disputed border that runs along the river Evros (also known as Marica). Reported by the Army Voice.

According to the newspaper, Turkish forces have occupied a small section of the river not far from the Greek town area. It is reported that originally on the Turkish side there was about 10 people who set up the tent. Then power began to grow. Now, more than 35 Turks are on Greek territory, they started to clean up from the forest.

A piece of land on which permanently established the Turkish military — in fact, river pump. In this place Evros periodic changes his direction, and then runs West, then East. Turkey refuses to recognize that Greece can have any territory East of the river, even if it periodically changes its bed in a natural way, writes Army Voice.

The publication notes that recently, on the border came the Greek army officers geographers who have studied the area for installation of the barrier. The Turkish side did not like it, and it has dispatched its specialists. Apparently, Ankara has decided to simply take away land from Greece, the authors of the material.

It is reported that the Turkish side constantly refers to the evidence that this land belongs to her, however, the proof does not provide. Because of this, Turkey refuses to debate, ignoring the agreement, according to which countries discuss border problems.

“the Presence of Turkish armed forces indicates the intention of Ankara to create a military problem”, declares the authors.

On the border of the two countries periodically there are various incidents. For example, in 2018 in this region, was arrested two Turkish soldiers. While Greece and Turkey in 1955 he signed an agreement providing for the construction of flood defences, which also corrected some parts of the river.