Tula the nurse, who is famous for working with patients COVID-19 in a swimsuit under the suit, supported by the head of the region. In an interview with “Vesti-Tula” said the head physician of the Tula regional clinical hospital Anna Savishcheva.

According to Zavisimoi, Tula Governor Alexey Dyumin contacted the girl on the same day when there was a photo of her online, and thanked for the work. “Physicians deserve credit for their work, not censure for its appearance” – quoted Anna Savishcheva the head of the region, stressing that this position of leadership of the hospital.

According to the physician, no written penalties the girl had received. Talking about the nurse who had put the heat under the costume, the leotard, the head of the hospital said that she is a good specialist. And work for hours in hot and stuffy suit even men can not stand, not that the body of a young girl.

the actions of patients who have posted photos to the Internet, Savishcheva called incorrect. After all, they show that the girl is working, not posing for them.

By the way, the Tula doctors working with coronavirus patients received from the development Fund of the Tula region “Perspective” 300 sets “of tea sets, which included tea, coffee, sugar and sweets. Also doctors pass an electric kettle, if they are not in the rooms. For those who work with coronavirus sick and not leaving home, not to protect the family, in the region arranged in 11 hotels with free food and shuttles to work.