The work of the Khabarovsk region is bad, according to Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Plenipotentiary representative of the President in the far East Yuri Trutnev. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

“I believe that the work of the Khabarovsk territory is organized badly, and I have a good reason for it”, — he told reporters.

Trutnev said that when he started work in the far East, Khabarovsk Krai was at the 18th place in Russia’s investment climate, and currently on 63. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, he receives a lot of requests from investors who are connected with the attitude of the officials, failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

Trutnev said that dealing with these cases. “Generally for me it’s every time such a signal, because I believe that this administration can not work. In the Khabarovsk region, unfortunately, is quite often,” he said.

The Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers also reported that arrived in Khabarovsk to make sure that the team that is in control of the region, continues to work, “that performs all the required functions of the authorities of the Russian Federation”.

“I met with the leadership of Khabarovsk territory, the first Deputy Governor and with a number of colleagues,” he added.

Earlier, on 9 July in Khabarovsk detained the Governor of the region Sergey Furgala, it was transferred to Moscow. He was charged of murder and attempted murder. The guilt he does not recognize, as stated by the court.