Former assistant U.S. attorney Sally Yates said that the current administration of President Donald trump wanted to soften the anti-Russian sanctions. It is reported by Al Jazeera.

It is argued that in 2016 the former Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense Michael Flynn negotiated with Russian diplomat Sergei Kislyak. American promised that with the coming to power of a new administration will reconsider the sanctions, and even met with him in December of 2016.

According to Yates, trump was the desire to “neutralize” anti-Russian measures adopted by former President Barack Obama. Former Deputy Prosecutor General has condemned such behavior.

18 APR 2019 spectacular USA Robert Mueller released his report about Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016. It says that Moscow actually intervened in the American election process, but existing suspicions on the Russian side and trump could not be confirmed. After the American leader claimed that the case of Mueller interfered to improve relations with Russia, but is now “dead”. In addition, he called the investigation of interference “is a shame”.