The President of the United States Donald trump needs to start aggressively attacking their main opponent in the upcoming elections, former us Vice-President Joe Biden and rather to “bury” him as a contender for the presidency. To this the incumbent U.S. leader urging his supporters from the Republican party, writes Politico.

According to the publication, the counselors of trump and a number of senior politicians-Republicans are concerned that attacks of the President on his chief rival still don’t look convincing enough, although before the elections, which will be held in November, only five months. According to them, initially in the headquarters of the trump was hoping that his election victory will be enough to focus on the achievements of the President in the sphere of economy, but because of the pandemic coronavirus strategy have to be revised in real time, since this plan is already not working. So, polls have repeatedly documented the decline in the popularity of trump and, on the contrary, the growing popularity of Biden.

In such circumstances, according to supporters of the incumbent President, he needs to come up with new ways to ruin the reputation of Biden, investing in an advertising campaign against him even more.

“Take off the gloves and get rid of it. If you have the financial advantage of a June, why not bury him?” — suggested one of the closest to the White house Republicans.

The same opinion is shared by other similar leader of the United States. According to them, “Americans remember Biden a happy grandfather of the presidency of Barack Obama”, which for decades takes care of the interests of the middle class. The best that can make trump — is to discredit the most likely candidate from the Democrats in the eyes of voters. And to tell about the alleged overly soft against Biden to China, to hint at its dementia or to call it been invented nicknames like “Sleepy Joe” is no longer enough, experts say.

Probably, notes Politico, the working methods of the headquarters of the trump in this direction indeed would change soon after a number of permutations in it. While the President’s supporters are afraid that the time to fight with Biden left is too little.

Earlier in may it was reported that trump already symbolically “buried” Biden. On his page on Facebook he posted a video with dancing porters coffins from Ghana, who “buried” the presidency is the most likely candidate from the Democratic party of the United States Joe Biden. On the coffin says “President Biden”.