the US President Donald trump has signed a decree on the regulation of social networks, writes Reuters, citing the White house, which has not yet published the full text of the decree.

trump signed it after press-conference Bloomberg reports the White house statement. Earlier, The Washington Post reported that the decree on the regulation of platforms will affect key section 230 of the act the communications decency online USA (Communications Decency Act). Section 230 releases online platforms from liability for material that they post.

the Federal communications Commission and Federal trade Commission, the President instructed to consider whether they will be able to introduce new rules in relation to online platforms.

Previously, Twitter has assigned two messages trump the marking indicating that the tweet may contain inaccurate information. It was the posts about voting by mail, which can be arranged the governors-Democrats in their States. According to the President, his political opponents used the situation with coronavirus infection as an excuse for fraud, which will be possible by absentee voting.

“Today, I am signing an Executive Order to protect and uphold the free speech and rights of the American people.”

He promised to more strictly regulate, and if necessary — to block social media, because “the Republicans feel that they limit the statement to a conservative position”. Themselves mark trump on the day of signing of the decree called “editorial decisions”.