president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump has fired the head of the agency, to oversee the u.s. government’s efforts against coronavirusset – including state aid for a total of 2300 billion u.s. dollars.

announcing a spokeswoman for the fired inspector general Glenn Fine’s office on Tuesday, writes the news agency Reuters.

Fine was last week appointed to be in charge of the office, both to oversee how the money is used, and with the government’s action on health.

He has in the past led the supervision of police the FBI’s use of surveillance and other powers in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks against the UNITED states 11. september 2001. He is known to be both independent and aggressive in his work.

Trumps firing face strong criticism from the democratic opposition. The democratic minority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, believes that Trump “clearly is afraid of a strong supervision.”

“President Trump abusing coronapandemien to remove the honest and independent officials who are willing to tell the truths to those in power,” says Schumer.

the President has previously criticised both this and the other of the supervision, to ensure that state funds are not being abused.

instead, Trump is now designated Sean O’donnell, who is the inspector general of the u.s. environmental protection agency, EPA, to the post. It writes the New York Times.

the President of the House of Representatives, democrat Nancy Pelosi, suspect Trump would have a new boss, who is loyal to him.

“It is really a problem,” says Pelosi to the tv station CNN.

On the question of whether someone must oversee the aid package she replies:

“Yes, and the president believe that it should be him, and it is quite wrong-headed.”

The total aid package of 2300 billion u.s. dollars to address the coronakrisen, is the largest in UNITED states history.