the US President Donald trump believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t want him re-elected for a second term, winning in the upcoming elections. Although at the same time, trump expressed the view that Putin is “nice to him”. The US leader said: “I am the worst thing that ever happened to Russia.” While trump did not explain the reasons.

Us President Donald trump believes that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin despite the fact that nice to him, doesn’t want the tramp was re-elected in the upcoming elections.

“I am the worst thing to happen with Russia, and Putin knows it. I get along well with Putin, but perhaps he doesn’t want to I won [the election]. But I think he [Putin] treats me well. Sure he doesn’t want me to win.” said trump in an interview with reporter Cheryl Atkisson, available online.

In the US, elections will be held on November 3 this year, the current us leader will run for a second four-year term.

Donald trump has repeatedly noticed that “nobody was so harsh against Russia,” he. Such statements trump has done against the background of accusations that he is allegedly in “cahoots” with Russia, which did not find evidence during the investigation. Moscow denied the charges.

American intelligence services accused Russia of interfering in the electoral process in 2016, when Donald trump became President. During the investigation of these alleged attempts to influence came from spectacular USA Robert Mueller. He worked for almost two years. In particular, Muller had investigated the alleged collusion between the Russian authorities and the Republican trump. Last spring, he acknowledged that there is no evidence that this conspiracy was.

Mueller has failed to prove was influenced by whether the US President on the investigation. The result of the work of the American spectacular was approved by the head of Russia Vladimir Putin, who noted the objectivity of the report.

“Despite all the exoticism of the Commission’s work Mr. Muller, I’ll give him that, overall, he has played a fair hearing,” said the Russian President.

the tramp was originally called the case, which led Mueller “witch hunt”. The US President is sure that the so-called “Russian case” was fabricated by politicians from the democratic party of the United States who are unable to accept the fact that lost in the elections of 2016. He noted that the investigation is “one of the darkest chapters” in the history of the United States. The US President has repeatedly denied suspicion any unauthorized contacts with officials of Russia during the election campaign. Moscow many times rejected the conclusions about the attempts to influence the elections in the United States.

However, the results of specpr��attorney convinced not all. For example, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders still believes that Russia allegedly “intervened” in the elections of 2016 and helped Donald Trump win the presidential race. This year, Sanders warned the Russian authorities about the “non-interference” in the electoral process.

the Politician said that he considers Russia guilty. “In 2016, Russia has used Internet propaganda, to create a split in our country, and I understand that they are doing it again in 2020,” he said.

Press-Secretary Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that statements about the “interference” of Russia in the elections of the us President are paranoid.

According to him, their number will grow as the vote approaches. “Another paranoid message, which, unfortunately, will be more and more as you get closer to the election. Of course, they have nothing to do with the truth,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

even Donald trump.