What’s more scared of the supporters of trump’s continued high risk of infection COVID-19 or entered in Tulsa curfew – hard to say. It is obvious that both of these factors impact on the not-too-high number of people willing to personally support a Republican President, at the campaign headquarters which was only a day before the speech to voters have identified six cases of coronavirus employees.

nevertheless, despite the obvious facts – in the U.S. this infection died more than 120 thousand citizens – trump called the response of his administration to coronation “phenomenal”. The American President admitted that mass testing is a “double edged sword” and so he ordered to reduce the intensity of tests to COVID-19 in order to avoid revealing too many cases. Should we then say that the rally in Tulsa wearing of masks was not mandatory. How this electoral event will affect coronavirus statistics in the US, where the coronavirus’ve been sick for more than 2 million 255 thousand people, not difficult to guess.

Another “red thread” of trump’s speech was extremely tough the answer to all opposed to police brutality and racial discrimination in the United States. Triggered by the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd tsunami of riots, looting, arson and destruction of monuments has been raging in America for the past three weeks. But for the current President of the U.S. without exception, all the protesters – “domestic terrorists”.

“Reckless leftist mob to try to destroy our history, to desecrate our monuments, and to punish anyone who disagrees with their demands absolute and total control,” said trump. – “We will not obey. That’s why we’re really here.”

by the Way, during the Oklahoma rally about slain white police officers Floyd American leader so don’t remember, reports the Hill. But to the delight of American patriots threatened to burn all of the national stars and stripes prison fully supported the police and said that sounding now calls to deprive law enforcement officers of funding were “madness”.

Commentators, however, asked a different question: not madness to hold an election rally at a distance of 1 mile from the spot where a hundred years ago, occurred one of the bloodiest instances of racial violence in the United States? Known as the “Tulsa massacre” the massacre, arranged in 1921, white residents against black men has left dozens dead and thousands of African Americans without a roof over your head. Even an indirect reminder of this shameful fact in the history of the country, especially during the acute field��ization of American society around racial contradictions, can not fail to amaze with their deliberateness.

got Expected during the rally and “sleepy Joe” – a nickname with the filing, trump got his 77-year-old opponent in the race for the U.S. presidency from the democratic party, Joseph Biden. Not left without attention of the American leader and Beijing, once again accused spread the “China virus.”

And all the charismatic trump, from his own words, “perfectly”, except that his re-election, according to commentators, with each passing day looks less likely. And it is not only undermined by the epidemic of the coronavirus to the U.S. economy, unprecedented since the great depression, the growth of unemployment and acute social and cultural inter-ethnic crisis in the state. “The country is in a completely different state than it was four months ago, writes Politico and thus indicates a sharp decline in electoral positions of Donald trump. So, sleepy, in his opinion, Joe Biden, is ahead in the national ratings of the current occupant of the White house already at 8 percent, according to the authoritative American analytical and sociological resource RealClearPolitics.

Brother of the murdered policeman in Minneapolis unemployed African American George Floyd has applied for the trademark “Foundation George Floyd” (Floyd, The George Foundation). If it is approved at the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO), the victim’s family will be able to sell branded products with the logo of the Fund. Thus, as stated by brother George Floyd named Felonies, the main task of the Fund is to educate the public on the reform of the American police, as well as supporting families who are victims of brutality by law enforcement officers.

Also, the relatives of the deceased expects to put the logo of the Foundation on the mobile app, which will monitor the reform of the police, to give access to documentary films about George Floyd and other information concerning the issue of racism.

meanwhile, on the death of Floyd, according to media reports, began to hold prayer meetings and baptize people there, and even record the miracles, the deaf began to hear. In Iran, the murdered African American drew a Shiite Saint, in defiance of the United States, and in Palestine he became a fighter for the freedom of the Palestinian people.