Over the past two months, about 240 teachers have received boleta online development in the field of education. From March 21, Metropolitan school began to operate in remote mode, using all available modern technology. Great help in distance learning had a “Moscow e-school” (“mash”) — a well-known pupils and teachers resource.

From March to may teachers published in the library “mash-up” lessons, 7670 interactive applications, as well as 131 training manual.

this year “Moscow e-school” is four years. The project was launched in September 2016, and grants for his contribution to its development were first awarded in 2017. During the existence of the project 1417 442 teachers from educational institutions became owners of 2567 grantoin for the contribution to the development of “mesh”.

Today at the library “MES” can you find over 108 thousand educational applications, more than 900 thousand photos and videos, as well as 348 textbooks, 245 works of fiction, five virtual laboratories and a huge number of tasks relevant to the content of OGE and EGE. All this allows the students to successfully prepare for a test, exams, and Olympiads, and for teachers to make the educational process more interesting and varied.

Recently in the library “mash” made, which have become popular in the 2019/2020 academic year. Among the most popular educational materials on math, English and physical education.

In 2018 and 2019, at the educational summit of HundrED in Helsinki (Finland) “mash” was included in the list. And in 2019, “Moscow e-school” became the winner of national contest of the best practices and initiatives for socio-economic development of constituent entities of Russia.