a British tourist arrived in the hotel after the introduction of restrictive measures against the background of the pandemic coronavirus and shared experience. This writes The Sun.

a resident of the UK Lisa Minot (Minot Lisa) is located in the Holiday Inn near London Gatwick airport. First she noticed that the reception Desk has security screens, and guests are asked to use disinfectants and to comply with social distance.

in addition, the pens that were given to customers, placed in two different containers for used stationery items, and those that have already passed sanitization after use.

“I arrived at the hotel at 21:30 and as the restaurant was not working, I could order sandwiches or pizza and a drink at the bar, but had to eat them in your room or in the designated areas” — described by Minot and added that the system “buffet” in the hotel replaced the hotel room service “a-La-carte”.

According to her, the tables in the halls of the hotel are already placed accordingly, there is also markings on the floor and in the elevators, helping guests to stay from each other at a distance. In the same room, for example, were not individual sets of toiletries.

“I felt really safe, and when I went to bed, wanted to go on a new adventure,” — concluded the expert.

may 20, The Sun illustrated the appearance of hotels in the future after a pandemic coronavirus in the diagram for clarity. For example, according to experts, now the administrators of the hotels will always welcome visitors in respiratory masks. Other employees, helping guests with accommodation, will be replaced by robots.