In the capital started receiving applications for participation free accelerator services. It organizes state budgetary institution “Moscow Small business”, subordinated capital Department of business and innovation.

to participate in the program are companies and individual entrepreneurs registered and operating in areas such as tourism (tour leisure, new technologies, accompanied by a tourist business, a business in the hospitality industry), creative industries (business in the field of theatrical art, creative digital Agency, commercial art gallery, activities in the area of television and radio projects of the music industry), and fashion business (business in the field of fashion retail, professional image-making, trade of clothes, shoes or accessories, online shopping fashion-brands).

requires that the staff of the organizations had at least three employees, the project was on a hundredDII implementation, and the first sales took place at least six months ago.

Program designed three months. It consists of weekly educational events.

during the ten weeks participants will work with the tracker on the optimization of the project. They are waiting for a personal consultation and case developments. The program will begin with preaccelerator — head of educational events and subsequent overcurrent protection and diagnostics commands.

Trackers will be the business coaches, business consultants, experts, entrepreneurs with experience of doing business in the service sector, as well as specialists with successful experience of teaching in the entrepreneurship training programmes, counselling in human resources management, Finance, marketing, sales, and project Economics.

To become a member, you must until may 28 fill in the application form in the . Then, the applicant will contact the expert to conduct online interview.

the program of the accelerator is full-time educational activities. Due to the epidemiological situation, their timing can be changed.

Information about the free business support in the field of education in the capital published on the portal in the . Learn how the city helps business in a CONVoviah difficult economic situation, it is possible in special projects and telegram channel @vmeste_mbm.

Business online: educational events for entrepreneurs will conduct remotely

Mbm.mos — the project GBU “Moscow Small business” within the jurisdiction of the city Department of business and innovation. It provides entrepreneurs with free counseling and educational support. Get advice and learn about the support measures on the site and on the phone: +7 (495) 225-14-14.