“Support of Russia” continues to make the government extra benefits for tour operators. The organisation wants compensation companies the costs for shipping at the beginning of the mode of isolation of tourists home with inland resorts. It is also proposed to revise the procedures of compensation payment for the removal of Russian tourists from abroad. Market participants expect even more generous assistance — a subsidy for flights inside Russia and the deferred payments to tourists, debts which reach 90 billion rubles.”OPORA Russia” has addressed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with the proposal to offset the cost of the tour operators, who were forced to urgently evacuate tourists from Russian regions at the end of March, when they limited the acceptance of tourists and hotels. A copy of the letter is “b”. “Support” refers to the practice of reimbursement of operators with the same cost for the removal of citizens from abroad. In April, it was allocated more than 3 billion rubles. However, the measure proved ineffective: to receive funds are the minimum number of players, the Vice-President “Support of Russia” Alexey Kozhevnikov. Therefore, he adds, along with compensation costs for the delivery of tourists to the home in the country, it is proposed to change the refund mechanism for export flights from abroad. In the office of mister mishustina did not comment on the details of official correspondence.In tourism the thesis of “Support of Russia” did not confirm the volume of applications already amounts to 3.7 billion rubles. Now they are under consideration. The source “b” familiar with the situation, explains that, initially, the tour operators really had difficulties with collection and documentation, but these issues are solved in working order. According to him, the decision is already made that the primary measure of domestic tourism will be no compensatory payments and subsidies for tour operators sending tourists in certain regions of the country.New mechanisms of subsidising tour operators of domestic and inbound tourism were announced earlier by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko and tourism. Specific rules for granting subsidies have not yet spoken. The source “b” indicates that it is likely to be about the Turkish model in which the payout will be calculated depending on the capacity of the flight. He suggests that it would be in the range from 4 thousand to 14 thousand rubles per person. It is planned that this money will cover the cost of air travel in the part of a tourist package. Interlocutor “” adds that it will also focus on significant expansion in the number of subsidized directions. “These funds will help the big market participants, forming their own flight program, medium and small players will support a special mechanism to subsidise tickets for regular��e flights,” he notes.General Director of tour operator “Dolphin” Sergey Romashkin a few weeks ago predicted a fall in turnover from domestic players this year at 40%. But now, according to him, the situation is improving: according to the optimistic scenario, the losses amount to about 20% of the turnover, according to the pessimistic — 25-30%. This was possible due to a sharp increase in demand for holidays at Russian resorts. Similar dynamics have been noted by travel agents. According to estimates Travelata, sales of domestic tours last week was 40% higher than a year earlier. A week earlier, a similar dynamics was estimated at 65%. In Level.Travel seeing an increase in sales of 19.5%. Mr. Romashkin adds that about a third of customers are those who traditionally summer travel to European and Turkish resorts at the expense of them managed to increase the number of bookings.In addition, continues Sergey Romashkin, tour operators expect the introduction of a mechanism allowing to delay the calculation of the tourists who are unable to go on vacation. Taken in late may, the amendments allow the government to take a decision deferred until the end of 2021 settlement with travelers on all tours sold by tour operators until March 31, 2021 inclusive. But regulations on this issue has not yet been developed. The interlocutor of “Kommersant” in the tourism market indicates that a total of Russian tour operators have the tourists about 90 billion rubles. Alexandra Mertsalova