Medically, Jacob Glanville, is one of the wetenschapshelden of the six-part Netflix series, ‘Pandemic’. The American topdokter to do cutting-edge research on vaccines. He is committed to breedspectrumvaccins, such as the one that will protect us against all of the griepvarianten. Now, he is coming with the news that his team is close to a plea for you to at Covid-19, and the corona virus which is currently the world’s platlegt. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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The documentary series ‘Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak on Netflix, it came just in time for the big outbreak of the Covid-19 on the display screen. Due to the pandemic threat of the new corona virus, which soon followed, was ‘Pandemic’ is unusually a lot of attention. This series brings leading scientists to spread the word about the dire issue of global epidemics. Among them were dr. Jacob Glanville, who is in San Francisco to set up his own company Distributed Bio out of the ground and stomped. He claims to be a strong candidate to Covid-19 in the face.

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Glanville and his team have built based on five antibodies, which, in 2002, with the success of the SARS virus is able to afblokken, and oxygen. It has been developed in our lab, and it turns out the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a very powerful way to block it and stop it,” said Glanville. The SARS-CoV-2 is a scientific name for the Covid-19. Just as in the process of farmareus, Johnson & Johnson, to create a vaccine against the Covid-19 in development, you can also Glanville, a number of steps to skip, the whole process of clinical trials. This is because of the new corona virus is related to SARS, and at the time, though much of the research into antibodies did. “We will be able to meesurfen on two years of research,” explains Glanville, together. It’s a new virus using the same key for the cells to penetrate, as the SARS and the drug (s) Glanville, for the eyes, if you’ve got access to the cells is blocked.

According to the immunologist would be the treatment and possible medication within a few minutes of work for the Covid of 19 patients. “It’s kind of a kortetermijnvaccin, but one that does work right,” says Glanville. “The effect of a vaccine, we can see normally until after six to eight weeks, as it has already, within twenty minutes. You may have a patient who is infected with the Covid-19-administration and after the first twenty minutes of his or her body, is completely filled with with the relevant antibodies.” The drug would thus be a kind of vaccine, as a type of antiviral drug against a new corona virus have been. But the vaccine is, however, much longer, effectively, than that of the antibody of Glanville, who is just eight to ten weeks to offer protection.

Glanville launches at the end of the summer, in clinical trials in humans. Then, if all goes well, there should be a means of in september, and can be used in the exceptional case of “compassionate use,” as he says. This means that, in the absence of a proper licensed as a medicinal product, the use of which can be made without all of the usual procedures was fully completed were used. The business of the scientist to put all of the contacts with the companies in order to maximise the scale of antibody production.

Glanville also set up the spinoffbedrijf Centivax, that if our goal is a universal vaccine development “in order for the remaining complex of pathogens in the 21st century, to treat, cure and eradicate it”. With a universal influenza vaccine, for example, would we be protected against all forms of influenza. It may be that, even though we had the annual flu shot – which is usually at one of four variants of protect – still have the flu by a mutation of the virus is not contained in the vaccine were provided. That is Glanville, in the future, to avoid the development of a universal vaccine against all of the griepvarianten that there has ever been-and that is still to come.

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