Everyone knows him, nobody likes him – Stress is a typical phenomenon of our fast-paced time. But what are the Stress symptoms you should look out for? How to recognize Stress and how it can work against him the best? According to a recent study, 87 per cent of Germans feel stressed and feel as the negative. This Stress is nothing else than an adaptation reaction of the body to something Important, stress expert, Jacob dragon mountain referred to him as “a kind of Thermostat for the importance of” – since the dawn of time.

Stress has many factors

Stress symptoms have a long Tradition: Ranked by our ancestors in ancient times, something as important and potentially dangerous (like a saber-toothed tiger grid had on us) we, in principle, three different stress reactions: fight, flight, and dead bodies. This is the same way.

But it’s not always about “tangible” dangers. We can trigger Stress by our own thoughts and sensory perceptions. This is, for example, fear of the Future or even small, everyday incidents, such as a hupendes car.

A matter of perception

Jacob dragon mountain explained: “Basically, one can distinguish between positive (called Eustress) and negative Stress (this is Distress called).” The same event can trigger both positive as well as negative Stress: If you get an E-Mail with a Deadline, can cause the positive Stress – then, if you can comply with the Deadline is loose, and the task is happy. Negative Stress can trigger the same E-Mail but, if you’re in the Situation that the deadline does not create. Stress is so often a matter of perception.

Common symptoms of Stress Overload

Stress shows itself in many different symptoms, which may differ depending on the person and Situation – Stress has different effects and consequences. Particularly common skin rash caused by Stress, stomach pain, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), diarrhea, hair loss, or dizziness. It can, however, come quite to tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmias due to Stress, shortness of breath, which is psychologically caused or a pressure on the chest. There are also problems with other internal organs are possible, such as increased liver values due to Stress.

as diverse as the causes can be the effects of Stress on our body. Such sensations and complaints, psycho-somatic, which means that the body reacts to the emotional state of a person are.

Stress-recognize the warning signs

“a Classic first sign of alarm, for example, a permanently tense body,” says the expert. We pull up the shoulders unconsciously (this Reflex should protect ourselves by the way originally in front of a neck bite by a Predator), tense up our neck and upper back. “Some people respond to Stress with overeating (especially unhealthy things like Chips and chocolate) – others, however, no bite down,” says dragon’s mountain.

Why we respond to Stress-symptoms? “Our body signals to us so that he is not made for continuous stress. Because usually, periods of Stress and phases of Regeneration are roughly on the same scale, it’s called the Autoregulation of the body. Of Stress take, this System out of Balance.“ At some point, our inner pressure rises so that we need to have a valve – many people resort to candy, cigarettes, or be aggressive.

These actions and reactions will help us, supposedly, in the short term, but in the long term, our body, and make him only more vulnerable to Stress – a vicious circle from which it is getting harder and harder, back breaking. (Also interesting: mindfulness in the workplace: how to avoid effective Stress)

Stress symptoms varied

“the Stress and the symptoms at a high Level for longer than 14 days and you get the feeling it is getting worse, then you should go to the doctor,” advises dragon mountain. The doctor will then find out first try, which factors cause Stress.

“In our Western society is due to every second disease is stress,” says the expert. “That means that anyone who goes, for example, with back pain to the doctor, often not really back problems, the Stress manifests itself, rather, about it.” The Same is true for other typical symptoms such as sleep problems or stomach pain. Then you can treat the first Symptom (back pain), but should also go to the cause (the Stress) to the bottom of it and try to fix this. (Read more: mindfulness for beginners: How to avoid them manage Stress.

3 expert tips for Stress

Who Stress, but can also do it yourself at the first signs of a lot of things to make themselves feel better. Our expert has these three simple tips for you:

tip #1, Stress:

stress relief works particularly well on the move – our body can then simulate the “Fight or Flight mode” and reduce paid, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol better. So you go, if you want something annoying a jog, Boxing you or make you whatever makes you have fun and you physically auspowert. (Click here to read more about the best Home Work-out)

tip #2 Stress:

you are Looking for every day aware of a couple of minutes, in which they come to rest. You breathe in and out deeply, do a few gentle yoga exercises or meditate. So you calm your body and mind, and arm yourself against Stress and Anger. (Also read: 5 tips for healthier habits and more balance)

tip #3-Stress:

take a cold shower. Because it acts as a “stress vaccine”: the cold water, our body is shocked, first of all, learn but, if you do this regularly, in principle with stressful situations in a better deal.

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