July 3 graduates who plan to enroll this year in the universities will begin to take the exam. Now the pupils in the hottest time: the need to cope with stress, repeat all important topics and find the time to sleep. Before the exam teachers of Moscow schools shared tips to help you successfully pass the final examination.

How to manage time on the exam, time to repeat the studied material and to prepare for different subjects, teachers told


the Last weeks before the start of the Unified state examination is perhaps the most stressful time in the lives of schoolchildren. Have to repeat material for each subject and learn what remained. That training was most effective, teachers are advised to use a systematic approach — among other things, to make a plan for each day and divide large tasks into smaller tasks so that they can be run at one time.

Jobs for training is in the public domain, for example, on the website of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements (FIPI). FIPI experts prepared methodical recommendations for preparation for the exam 2020 in all academic subjects. Here you can find tips from the developers of control measuring materials and to familiarize yourself with the tasks of all parts and with a short response, and deployed.

online resources — Moscow educational TV channel, in the project “electronic Moscow school”, in the section “the graduate — 2020” portal “School in the big city” — a huge amount of information that will help prepare up to daily webinars on subjects exam and videolesbian jobs. Moscow center of quality of education provided content, through which every graduate can not only complete tasks, but also to obtain expert advice and to view the statistics of tasks and to identify gaps in knowledge.

to Prepare, according to the teachers, is daily. Most of the time it makes sense to spend on analysis of complex topics, and lungs just to be repeated periodically.

not to overwork the teachers recommend to take to classes a certain number of hours. You can even set the alarm: until the time comes, to complete assignments as soon as you hear the signal to take a break and rest for 10-15 minutes.

by the Way, about relaxation also should not be forgotten. To increase concentration and improve memory will help walk in the fresh air, exercise, and restful sleep.

a Good rest

try to memorize all the material covered in the last day — not a good idea. The information memorized in haste, will not remain long in the memory, and the excitement in the exam, and does can fly out of the head. You can briefly repeat a complicated topic, but to linger for textbooks is not worth it.

Instead, teachers are encouraged to take a walk, read a book or watch a movie, and then go to bed early and sleep.


it is Important not only knowledge, but also attentiveness. The main thing — to finish all jobs to the end. One of the most common mistakes is to decide that the answer is obvious, not understanding what is required in the condition.

will Help on the exam and choosing the right strategy. You should start with simple tasks that will not take a lot of time. The remaining hours, spend more complicated, for example, the essay or the topics that you need to give detailed answers.

And, of course, be sure to leave time for review and careful filling of the form.

Russian language

Tatiana Nechaeva, teacher of Russian language and literature of the highest category, school No. 1619 named after M. I. Tsvetaeva, an expert of the subject Committee of GIA-11 in Russian language

— The hardest part of the exam on the Russian language — an essay, but it brings a lot of points. Therefore, when preparing it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of arguments that are useful when writing. In other words, in parallel with the study of the rules students need to read more literature.

you should Also learn how to analyze the text, highlight the theme and challenge of the work, to Express an opinion, reasonably agreeing with the author’s position or refuting it.

don’t forget about literacy. Repeat is all sections of the Russian language, ranging from orthoepy and ending with the vocabulary, syntax and spelling. Most of the tasks assume that students have a deep knowledge in all directions, and all this volume is necessary to organize and be able to apply. This will help exercises that can be solved with the teacher or independently.


Elvira Nikolenko, the mathematics teacher of the highest category of school № 709, the expert of the subject Committee of GIA-11 math

— feel free to ask questions to the teachers. Remember to ask the question even on a simple task normally. Be a shame if this is what will be on the exam, and the decision will remain misunderstood.

For visual memorization of formulas and laws, use of pictures, diagrams, support. All entries must be in a conspicuous place. To learn, search for connections: what does it look like, what we get is associated with. Use all the information that can be obtained during preparation for the exam: consultation of teachers, videorubber jobs, courses, explanations for all items on the site “Decide exam” and other sources.

Believe in yourself. Do not think in the process of preparing about the exam. Remember: if you prepare responsibly, you can’t pass the EXA��Yong bad.


Zalina Karsanova, a teacher of the highest category, school No. 1950, an expert of the subject Committee of GIA-11 English language

— In preparation for the exam you must solve the simple and difficult tasks and constantly work on the mistakes to avoid difficulties. On the exam it is important to do the maximum, but to leave yourself time to think about complex tasks and to check everything. So you should start with simple and in any case not to hang on us, wasting precious time. You first need to answer all the easy questions, carefully check the answers and then to take on everything that seems complicated.

it is Very important not only to memorize the grammatical and lexical rules, but also know the subtleties of the language. So I recommend to my students to read more and watch the video in English. It can be short videos, and articles or popular science films, and podcasts in English, and even telegram-channels — all at the same time pleasant and helpful.


Natalya Vasilyeva, Deputy Director of the quality of the educational process of school № 315, an expert of the subject Committee of GIA-11 physics

While preparing it is necessary to pay attention to the tasks of all main sections of physics: mechanics, optics, electrodynamics and quantum physics. They will meet in any case, KIMS exam.

I would recommend to solve the sample tasks from exams early period 2020 because they are as close in content to those that will fall guys.