Official site of foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation confirmed that, after graduating with honors from Moscow aviation Institute, Vitaly V. Netics started to work in the First chief Directorate (PGU) in 1972. After comprehensive training, in perfection having learned Spanish and other languages, he went in 1978 with his wife in the first long-term trip. Moving across countries and regions, he and his wife returned home, we will assume this date is correct, in 1998. His task a pair of illegal immigrants done perfectly.

Verbatim an excerpt from the open site of the SVR, “Together with his wife worked in countries with rigid administrative-police regime. Courageously overcame difficulties in solving the operational problems. Formed intelligence apparatus, through which on a regular basis extracted much valuable information on the strategic aspects of leading countries of the West.”

In Moscow, Vitaly Netics, a man of wide horizons, he served in the Center. He has developed a state targeted comprehensive programme for one of the most important modern directions of activities of foreign intelligence. Together with his colleagues solved the most complex problems. Vast experience and deep knowledge of the spouses illegal immigrants Netics transferred to young people.

In June 2011, major General retired. A few months later, on 3 September, Vitaly V. Netics died. Care unexpected, premature: he was only 65 years old. The hero of Russia is buried in Moscow on Troekurov cemetery: the resting place of many comrades and colleagues in foreign intelligence service.

for a long time, or rather twelve years, are familiar with Tamara, the wife of Vitaly V., and their daughter Lena, a beauty that I want to call Helen.

some private events wife of major-General were as follows: “the Word Colonel is illegal Tamara Ivanovna.”

the Colonel a grateful man. In the 2000s, won the right to tell not about myself, my husband, and about their mentor – Spanish girl Africa de Las Heras. The order of Lenin began during the civil war in Spain. Then, on the orders of Moscow has been on special assignment in Mexico. During the Great Patriotic war fought in the detachment of special purpose “Winners” Hero of the Soviet Union, Dmitry Medvedev, and was a favorite of a radio operator of the legendary intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov. Then for many years in the “special conditions” – from Paris to Montevideo. And then returned home to Moscow, where he became a teacher and friend Tamara and Vitaly.

of Course, prepared a long list of questions to Tamara. A couple of them were declassified recently, and wanted to ask a lot about. But Tamara told me about her husband so touching, sincere, however, without departing from certain, it also set the framework that perepevatb is not pulled. Excessive revelations would not be followed, and knock off the thought, with given rhythm, the puzzle is meaningless-without excuse “who, where, when and how?” is clearly not worth it. So the author of this Chapter, not me. Here direct speech is preferable to literary masterpieces.

“the Word Colonel is illegal Tamara”, as said before, and now rightfully add Netics:

– All Vitali loved tenderly by the Talik. Let’s talk a little about the family of Vitaly Vyacheslavovich. What is it interesting! Grandfather was a populist, care of young scientists and artists, wrote books, was very familiar with Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Taught how to handle leather, wood. The Creator always something masterise. The peoples ‘ Friendship University, one Professor “netikova” studied his fate and work. Grandpa’s books are in the library named after V. I. Lenin, you can find them on the Internet. They are dedicated to producing leather products, wood and, according to experts, are relevant and best in their field.

people Sometimes ask how such a name – Netics. We ourselves still don’t know. They are indigenous Muscovites. Grandfather was Mstislav’s father – Vyacheslav Mstislavovich and son, Vitaly Vyacheslavovich. I was in Moscow a major architect and well-known lawyer with the same last name.

Family husband is intelligent, of the nobility, but this one somehow not particularly proud of, not remembered. The father of the Talik – a Professor, major scholar, railroad, rather provaznik. After all, if Russia was a country of steam engines. Revolution hereditary nobleman and the son of the populist adopted immediately. Invited him to his Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and was sent to Sweden to buy locomotives for rising to his feet and on the rails of the young Soviet state. Gave him and his accompanying comrades gold bars for reckoning, and they drove off. That confidence! Had an audience with king of Sweden Gustav V. They were able to buy for a country with which few people wanted to trade, they need locomotives. Then a lot of work, taught in the major universities of the country.

During the war, rushed to the front. Not take: the person in years, well-known scientist. His three sons went to war, two were killed.

the First wife died. Talik from his second marriage. In 1946 he was only a few months, and his father sent to Kiev to head a reconstituted Institute of railway transport. They go to Ukraine. Talik finish school with a gold medal and entered the Moscow aviation Institute. When I was a sophomore, my dad died. Talik was an excellent student, was engaged in Komsomol work, but because of the high wages of the father do not receive a scholarship. And then began another, more austere life. He was immediately assigned a higher allowance, and from the third year until the end of the study Vitaly already Lenin scholarship holder.

was it all, was engaged in Komsomol��hell work. He is the first Secretary of the Komsomol Committee of the faculty, then Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Institute.

time Passed. Vitaly come from intelligence, make an offer.

But even before we met at the exit of the Komsomol school: I am 19 years old and I’m a sophomore, and he’s 22, he – on the fourth. And here 29 Feb 1968 Komsomol activists MAI leaves for three days in upland. On the same day, after dinner, go out with a friend from the dining room. The street is Vitali other. It turns out that he has seen me at the Institute. Whispers to friend: if this girl turns around, will be my wife. I turned around. To me, he immediately ran, was invited to the movies.

Talik asked if I love Saint-Saens. I’m a terrible fan of the ballet, I love his music. Vitali played the violin, started a little on the “quarter”, graduated from music school. All her life she was loved, understood, deeply felt music, especially the violin.

the Love of music, literature, and the arts have always helped us in the work. Very! Because the more a person knows, really knows, the more Hobbies, the deeper, the more interesting it is. And attracts others. And if the illegal immigrant is nothing to attract interesting and necessary to him, he will not be able to do this difficult but very necessary for our country service.

the House among the many photographs there are two black-and-white: a huge Komsomol Secretary of the Institute Vitaly Netics and Secretary of the Komsomol Eugene Tyazhelnikov congratulate the young students-“Capricorn” and the second meeting Leninist scholars with General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev.

Vitali was always the center of attention. Smart, beautiful, attentive, knowledgeable – he reaches for it extremely! All my friends were into it a little bit in love. Charm, nobility, dignity, a sense of proportion in our profession are especially needed.

When her husband was buried, Sergei Nikolaevich Lebedev (he long time headed the foreign intelligence Service) said, “were Struck by his eyes – intelligent, kind, bright. Others are not seen.”

But back to our acquaintance. The next morning was free. We Talik went to ski. He immediately did our first photo. She’s our very favorite. “We were young, as sincerely loved, as believed in myself.” And this is our favorite song by Alexandra Pakhmutova. He was a great photographer. This, too, helped him in life and in work.

on this day, March 1, 1968, Talik made me an offer. Of course, I laughed, said that I need to get to know each other. And we got married a year; March 5, filed, and became husband and wife on may 23, 1969.

Talik already a grad student, I still have two years to learn. Secretary of Committee of Komsomol, Lenin scholarship holder, he was already waiting in graduate school, and not a drop Karerisma! Boys are expelled, and he, if the unjust, asks for them, protects. But was able to understand when you came across the villain, who act all high and mighty and correct. Talik well distinguish honest and dishonest, fair and careerists, and for this he greatly respected.

And he lived with my aunt on my mother’s side in the center of Moscow, on Sadovnicheskaya embankment and Pyatnitskaya in a small old apartment. The husband of aunt – nephew Rimsky-Korsakov, and the woman Nina (as we all called her) wore this name. Typical Moscow intellectual, very sweet, lovely and noble. Vitalik was madly in love. It had fun, got us tickets to the most unique concerts of symphonic music for ballets in a Large and “don Quixote” on December 31 at Palace of Congresses. It was a feast!

my friends and I are always going to teinai apartment, listening to records of classical music, read poems, debated political issues. Our peers loved the hostess and easily found common language with her. In the holidays went to watch the fireworks on the Stone bridge, very near.

Remember in 25 years of the Victory Day, we went to the Manege square. It was quite empty, and there was a military band. We have this huge square under the sounds of your favorite songs frontline danced the waltz. It was a solemn, magical and unforgettable! It’s been 50 years…

a week before the wedding, Vitaliy went to see me aunt to the Dorm where I lived. This place is on Sadovnicheskaya embankment called the Baltschug, and the output of the yard stood a hotel with an arch at the entrance. Here under the arch Vitaly stops me. Kind of serious, “Wait. I want you to say something. I will not hide, you should know and make the decision.” I was scared, “What happened? What’s the matter?” Talik immediately: “This is very serious, I decided to go to work in the illegal exploration, if I deem fit. Give us your answer, do you agree to be with me.” I said Yes without hesitation, say that I am glad for him and love even more. And would like to work with him.

For me it was unexpected. To me, this one is not addressed. It was a blast! How to pass that interview. There are moments in life that are impossible to forget. They stand before my eyes, and probably will remain to the last. If it is true that when a person dies in front of him is the most important thing is just that moment. The week before the wedding, we stand under the arch, and future husband, dear man, says: “My decision will not change. You have to decide.”

I took it of course and instantly. Of course! No doubt about it. Vitaly has risen in my eyes for the unique, even greater heights. Smart, honest, noble, courageous, true patriot deeply loving his Motherland and ready to serve her, not thinking about their personal happiness, well-being, and careers.

For me reality�� was very important. My parents went through the war. On the front of the met. In Vienna, the Victory Day, my dad made my mom an offer, and, returning Home, they got married. The mother was 15 years old when she volunteered, attributed to himself for three years, went to the front and fought throughout the war. In my house the love for the Motherland has always been in the first place. And at Vitaly the same family. The party Vitaliy joined not because they need to be, no. In his heart, truly. In the war said: “the Communists, forward!” And Vitali was ahead.

We got married. Lived a year in the apartment of the women, Nina, then in the dormitory.

Looking ahead, I will say that we have lived for 43 years. Were loving man and wife, happy parents, very close friends, comrades and colleagues, loyal supporters and deeply understand each other people. We are very lucky in life.

When I was 5 know, called me and made an offer to work in intelligence. I agreed, of course.

After I graduated, and Vitali graduate school, we began to prepare for illegal work.

there was a study, a real, rich. They give you opportunities, but the man is much obliged to do it himself. More and more initiatives, desires and aspirations at all stages.

Our profession is not easy. You need a lot to know and love. Truly love this complex, it is very necessary profession – to defend the Motherland. And then there will be a deep knowledge, interesting connections, important meetings and great results.

illegal immigrants language is the cornerstone. Language learning is not easy. Now a lot of opportunities and resources we have, unfortunately, they were smaller, but had a very strong will and an even greater desire. I wanted to take up the case, and this required a great language. Were not these wonderful dictionaries, no Internet, when you press the button, and immediately comes up the right word or the right information. We searched and searched, I was wrong and again you were looking for. But everything is settled forever. Still write the language without mistakes.

Remember, there was already last year when I gave two films in the language. Couldn’t watch video yet was not, could only hear. Learned them by heart. After, when he had the chance to see these films, were just happy, many friends, much loved phrases and expressions! There were, of course, and difficulties. But there is a silver lining. Most importantly – had a great desire.

And we were lucky – we met with Patria (Africa de Las Heras, N. D.).

Our supervisor was a fantastic person, a great friend of ours. We son in honor of him called Eugene. One day he comes and says: “Tomorrow you will go to real Spanish”.

We are very Patriei friends. Loved her and the love was mutual. Patria gave us a lot. Taught her by heart excerpts from poems by the great Nicaraguan Ruben Dario, the great poet-symbolist, and a prominent gender��ticheskogo figure. We Patria had a time for history, geography, literature and poetry, painting and music.

I knew a lot about language, because for the illegal alien he is the cornerstone, require a huge, constant work. The Spanish language is deeply emotional. Probably, the seventeenth century was the Golden age of Spanish literature – made him so.

Italian is also emotional, but he’s kind of sign language, more visual, and therefore is a country of painters. And in Spanish painting more philosophy than from the Italian masters. It is no coincidence that in Spain a lot of playwrights and drama in the emotions – the internal. And all this is reflected in the language. They say Spanish is easy, and I always laugh. Maybe easy to understand, catching two or three familiar words, but that he was native… This is a very hard language!

And it must be love. But the language itself does not exist. You can’t just learn the language. It is necessary to know and to love and culture, and history. The Spanish she’s rich, because not only Spanish but also Latin American.

Culture opens many different doors. It all began in Moscow. In Pushkin I listened to lectures still young Antonova, went to two-year courses and individual lectures on different cultures. MAI is opposite the Stroganov Academy, and Vitali agreed with their Secretary of the Komsomol Committee, so I was allowed to attend lectures on the history of art. All this greatly helped me in further work and I helped Vitaly.

Latin American culture – she is amazing! I’m not talking about the ancient culture of the Inca, Maya. And Mexican, and South American… the Deep philosophy, incredible architecture! I have terrible luck. In Mexico, met a great lady, the last of the galaxy of famous Mexican muralists and artists. He was Director of the anthropological Museum unique. I was able to work, how many have learned this richest material that has served for our further work.

Or Peru, with its mountains, tall Andes. Country of legends and myths, mysticism and reality, the ancient culture and today’s reality.

And Nicaragua? Somehow we had to learn with a group of Nicaraguans, and after, when celebrating the graduation, and sat at the table, I got up and instead of toast, read a passage from a poem by Ruben Dario. With what gratitude this was taken!

there are no small Things. We talked about music. In many countries there are wagnerians companies. Concerts, and are always elected. But in order to get elected, you need to know and a lot to strive for. And expanding. There is one not easy to translate the Spanish saying: “the point is that everyone should earn the right to their place in society.” Rose reached another, higher level, and are rising again. Vitaly all the time growing up, INR��about studied and worked hard. Constantly dedicating time to work with languages. We talked to a lot. And they had to be maintained. He was a very talented person, and everything that he undertook, and performed at the highest level.

Vitaly has achieved great results and because for him concepts such as carelessness, fraud, deceit, treachery does not exist.

my daughter once said, “Thank you for what you have never lied”. Live illegal according to legend and cheat are two different things. Unfortunately, people do not always understand the difference between a legend and a hoax. The man who does our work, must be rigorously honest. Getting to work illegally, the scout takes the new features of their life that integrates them so that they become harmonious with his personality, he really becomes a different person, without losing its essence. This is an incredibly difficult spiritual work that can be done only when you know you fully believe in your goals. And it is a necessary part of our work, because only when the person being witnessed by our documents, we do not attract unwanted attention and can successfully perform the task center.

Vitaly always endlessly believed and trusted, he enjoyed great respect there, and always feel confident among strangers.

on vacation, we came rarely, it was difficult and it was impossible to risk. Once arrived, the three of us: myself, husband and three year old daughter. Then she rose and spoke a different language, and come have been impossible. The son came to Moscow only when we got back, he was 14 years old. My husband and I came two times separately. But the first time we came back “home” (abroad – ed.) and rose in the airport on the stairs, I looked at Vitali and saw for a few seconds until he got up, the scout-illegal immigrant becomes a different person. Amazing! Even I, who knew his every cell, admired him. He was the scout-illegal immigrant with a capital letter.

All the years we worked together. But each of us had a job. Many things we discussed, talked about, but there were things I didn’t know. One day we received the telegram, he left for a few days. Came back tired, lost weight. Questions I did not ask. The following telegram has learned that Vitali was awarded the Order of the red Star.

Came a message from the city center, sometimes I had, sometimes – husband. He was incredibly busy. Sometimes he slept for four hours. He was a wild strain. What could help, the helped.

There was Helen, then Jack. Without them, our couple would have looked weird. Young, healthy and without children. At birth in their native language not yelling. The Spanish language found its way into the subcortex, that was for a period of time the genus��th.

In General, we had been abroad for 22 years. Came back and learned about their military ranks: husband – Colonel, I Lieutenant Colonel. But Talik continued to travel, a large part was there. Country? All sorts. Different. Mostly far.

Vitaly was always very demanding of himself and those with whom he worked. Do not accept any dishonesty, bad faith. Considered in our work, everything should be transparent, without the slightest sloppy. Was 100 percent pure, clean person.

In 2000, on our professional holiday released a commemorative sign. One of these days cause we are on the subject, and I said, “Taliq, we are now going to join”. No, it turns out, I was given the rank of Colonel. It takes a little time, again we called and again I said, “Now, sure – handed signs”. Come: my husband was given the rank of General. This we did not expect.

the Hero is also interesting. Vitaly in the morning I went with my son on business. Come home to a phone call: “You want to see the President.” On this day, Vladimir Putin met with Chavez, her husband decided that they would ask him questions on Venezuela, prepared.

And on this day we celebrate the anniversary date. Suitable for me one of the leaders of intelligence and said, “Tamara, congratulations. Vitaly was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.” And we did not know, and had no idea, and around it many people knew, but kept secret.

it would Seem that Vitaly has reached such heights in his work, but he never came to be smug or to admire him. Star he never wore – a conspiracy. He was incredibly humble and even shy in relation to his success, he seemed to have done little that needs to do more.

His family found out that their brother, uncle – General of the SVR and Hero of Russia only at the memorial meeting.

When the trip was over, we was very difficult to return to the Russian language. It is very difficult! But time passed, and the native Russian has superseded all other languages. Well, of course, in addition to Spanish. When settled down at home, in Moscow, of course, spoke Spanish: daughter Helen and son Jack Russian did not know. And then little by little began to communicate in Russian. His wife, he was given faster. Went to school, was, of course, difficulties. Now he’s a pilot for civilian airlines, in Russian without an accent. Lena – more difficult. But with his accent it became a leading television. How interesting interview!

it now will not speak, but the children of illegal immigrants is an important and difficult question.

Lena and Eugene loved his father, admired and was proud of them. He was not only kind, smart, loving father, faithful, loyal, always understanding them and helping around their friend.

Vitaly was very fond of young people, always tried to understand the young souls, to help, to give. Never asked, didn’t you yourself��e, young guys and always felt it and was drawn to him.

Vitaly had big plans for the future, he wanted so much to do! Dreamed of working with future illegal immigrants, to share his invaluable experience. He understood that times have changed, and now other young people, and other methods. But I always thought that, despite the time, on education, on education, the most important thing is motivation.

Today is the motivation of our people must be enormous. Against our country everywhere raised such a howl. Even now, in such harsh conditions of a pandemic, when all countries must unite, opponents are trying to discredit and humiliate Russia. This is a mockery and an Orgy. I think that now the present Russian youth should strive for us to stand in line, eager to join the intelligence to extract powerful information to put out all these tiny mounts, to raise the prestige of our country and make it great and powerful.

And lucky enough to become a real scout, with pride and your head held high always with honor to carry this title. As he carried our Vitali.