From August 17 to September 3, in the innovative-educational complex “tehnograd” at ENEA to attend workshops and trainings of the center for career development. Classes will teach the basics of programming in JavaScript, video editing, working with programs to develop video games. In addition, guests will learn how to formulate goals, effectively manage their time and more.

All classes are free but please pre-register on the website of “Technograd”.

So, visitors to the master classes “Video” and “Videoblogging” learn to capture videos, while the “TVой live” will talk about the principles of work in the frame and the basics of oratory. Those who are interested in programming and web design, it will be interesting to visit such lessons as “you Run your site on Linux, Create the environment for Unity”, “the basics of web development and programming JavaScript”, Photoshop.

in addition, for all comers will hold three master-class in Floristics and informative workshops on welding, electrical safety and saving energy in the home. To register for workshops and learn more schedule on the project website.

in Addition, in the “Tekhnograd” is a center of career development. Until the end of August there will be a series of free face-to-face trainings in the areas of “Personal growth” and “Career development”. Participants learn how to formulate goals, manage your time, build trust and establish effective communication. And free lesson “interview Preparation” will help citizens to assess their strengths and weaknesses and prepare answers to tricky questions recruiters. Register for trainings and learn schedule on the center’s website.

Also on the website of the complex to the listeners more than 100 educational programs.

Innovative-educational complex “tehnograd” — a unique educational platform at ENEA, which offers a new format of vocational guidance, training and educational activities. Here are the programs dedicated more than 40 of the most in demand in the labour market, occupations and professions of the future. In “Tekhnograd” regularly conduct thematic tours, workshops and other events.

the career development Centre — one of the areas of “Tekhnograd” activity. Its experts assist in the identification of aptitudes to careers and career planning.

the Project is supervised by the Department of entrepreneurship and Moscow innovation development. To get detailed information about “Tekhnograd” on its official website.