In all, three in Brussels and one Belgian Delhaize, has been there since Wednesday morning, has been discontinued. The staff is not satisfied with the compensation of the board of management proposes, for the people who continue to work in very difficult circumstances”. The French trade union CNE, warned that the action could spread. “In the worst-case scenario when it comes to a general strike in belgium by Delhaize and scuba diving, there are also actions in the Choice,” says Manu Gonzalez from the CNE. “There, now, that the proposals of the executive board, be submitted to the staff. You might be also there in a bad light. Tentatively, there seem to be no problems in contrast to it. “For me, I have yet to hear anything rumbling,” said Kristel Van Damme, a CENTRAL Pulse) the secretary in the distribution system.

450 euro

as of Tuesday, there was, however, the news that “significant progress has been made in the negotiations between the supermarkets and the trade unions”. “At Colruyt group, there are compromises, in the australian capital territory, and is a co-operation agreement which is now being presented to the membership. When the Carrefour will be the last point and a comma in the text set, and also with the Delhaize it won’t be long,” said Van Damme was back then.

Delhaize, let them know that there is a lot of understanding for that to work”. “The press and its number of visitors is indeed huge,” said spokesperson Roel Dekelver. “We have already done a great deal for the safety and well-being of the employees. Now, there is a proposal that we think is balanced and correct. The staff will be given five additional days of leave, plus an additional payment of financial compensation in the form of discounts of up to 25 per cent, in the retail store, and an extra meal. You can fire it off, it will come down to an amount up to a maximum of 450 euros and that of the staff, monthly to get. Once again, we have the greatest respect for the staff, but it looks like we have a well-balanced proposal.” Manu Gonzalez responds, “that’s a staff, it is a pity to find that there is no answer to the question is an hour before close. And also, the financial compensation, they were rather at a premium than at a discount in the shop.”

More about Delhaize-To-seven-day wait, if you’re shopping online is to order by a corona virus of people over 65 receive first priority in the Delhaize stores: “We are in a one-time VIPS. Be blessed, right?” The shops are calling once again for calm, “there is no scarcity of Belgian supermarkets to take measures for corona virus: instead of ‘tastings’ and more