kills The Virus. 60’000 people have fallen so far in the world of the victim, more than 600 alone in Switzerland. There’s no question that We need to fight the pathogen. Bloss: what are the measures? How long? And at what price?

The dispute about daily led to sharper. The times, in which the rows of locked automatically behind the Federal Council, when it decreed new measures are over, apparently. The criticism of the Lockdown is unmistakable.

On Wednesday the Federal Council again in front of people. Then he will have to say if the Lockdown goes on, until when and in what Form. The SVP calls for now, After Easter, the standstill must end! On Twitter, the Hashtag “lock down rebellion,” makes the round. And all the more representative for Economics the economic cost of the Virus-defense. The pressure on the government increases.

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achieved The Problem is: From a medical point of view, these Calls come much to early. “We have not reached the peak of the epidemic,” warned Daniel cook (64) from the Federal office for health (BAG) on Thursday. For Karl Klingler (63), which is one of the leading Pulmonary specialists in Switzerland, the consequences are clear: “The Situation is still dramatic. The measures of the Federal Council have to be extended. A premature easing would be fatal.”

the same Horn, Andreas Cerny (64), infections Lodge in the Moncucco clinic in Lugano, TI pushes: “Our enemy is a quick, invisible Virus. We have to reduce everything to a Minimum.” Cerny predicts a Peak at the earliest in a week. “At the end of may then the worst could be over.”

Similar concerns Vania Alleva (50) has. The President of the trade Union Unia calls for a complete Shutdown: “The measures for the protection of health must also apply to the workplace. Because the not is still in many places of the case, it needs a technical stop.”

Significant health –

the consequences of Not only doctors and trade unionists warn of a jump to Open the locks. Otfried Höffe (76) is one of the most renowned philosophers of the present day. “Health first!”, Emeritus Professor says and head of the research centre for Political philosophy at the University of Tübingen (D). This is not true, however, absolute: “To a significant health resulting from extreme liberty restrictions consequences, such as loneliness, Depression, other mental diseases in addition, increasing domestic violence. On the other hand, the economy has not only an economic but also a social and emotional side.”

Today’s professional pictures were to include a high degree of self-realization, including, so that self-respect and respect by others. “The many small and medium-sized companies, including a freelance artist but insolvency and Hardship threaten to do.”

economic performance to 60 %

Also, employers President Valentin Vogt (59) emphasizes the complexity of the problem: “We need to find a balance in the triangle of health, the economy and society.” The economic performance of Switzerland, had been driven in the last three weeks to 60 percent. “The economy is not everything,” says Vogt. “But without a healthy economy everything is nothing.”

But how long will they last?

“The current situation, with a maximum of until the end of April maintained,” says Tobias Straumann (54), an economic historian at the University of Zurich. “After that, it becomes dramatic.” For Swissmem President Hans Hess (64), therefore, is clear: “After Easter, the Exit must be initiated.” Also, he not only warns of economic damage, but also from the social.

“The pressure on the people who are locked up at home, is getting bigger and bigger. Eventually, they go in the air.” Hess calls for a fundamental reversal: “We should no longer be to protect the sick from the Healthy, but the Healthy before the sick.”

business versus medicine. Two points of view are irreconcilable. “There is a Trade-off,” says Mathias Binswanger (57), Economics Professor at the University of applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland. “On both sides of the extreme solutions are required, the extreme impact that would have.”

Economic problems in hospitals

in the Middle of countless hospitals in Switzerland. You are not only faced with medical difficulties, but also with economic. Rolf Gilgen (60), CEO at Zurich Spital Bülach: “Paradoxically, the Corona, with the crisis in the hospitals before the economic problems. Many operations were postponed, all the departments are broke, therefore. It is to be expected with losses in the millions to.” The priority spent now in addressing the pandemic. Gilgen adds: “But it is important, after the crisis in meaningful ways to the financial constraints of compensating. Otherwise, many hospitals have to close.”

But what are the paths out of the crisis? How to go to the Exit from the Lockdown take place? “He must be in any case gradual,” says Valentin Vogt. “A second infection wave would be the Super-GAU.” Infections Lodge Cerny agrees: “This scenario must be avoided in any case!”

Step-by-step approach

Also, Mathias Binswanger argues for a step-by-step approach. “Healthy, tested, people should first go back to work. And on jobs, which can ensure the safety and distance.”

The Federal Council is now required to develop such plans. “It is also important to give people quick, at-a perspective.” Vogt called a “Bethlehem star”. Hess put it: “We must finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

on one point all sides agree: it must Decide the Bundesrat.

Which, in turn, there is a lack, certainly to a non -: good advice.