let me Remind you, register the marriage in the town was during the regime of isolation. But on certain conditions – application online only and the registration was held in a small office, without guests and without even a photographer. In the hope that the virus will retreat, some couples have postponed their first family reunion in the summer and even into autumn. But many were and a couple who got married at the appointed date, in spite of a coronavirus. Five thousand new families were born for the duration of restrictions in Moscow! Well, in the first weekend after the lifting of restrictions and the resumption of the wedding ceremonies in the city there were almost 900 families more!

…In the main registry office of the capital – the Palace of marriages No. 1, better known in the capital as Griboedov, the couple came every hour. As in former times, on Friday and Saturday it took about 90 pairs. That many people seek to marry here, is not surprising. Attracts primarily the Palace – the majestic mansion Roerich built in the early XX century in the Small kharitonievsky lane, 10. Luxurious interiors, large mirrors, carpets, upholstered furniture in the style of the last century, crystal chandeliers on the ceilings. And, of course, history. It is here that registered a strong and happy marriage by many prominent people of the country – Yuri and Valentina Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova and Andrian Nikolayev, Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady, Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina.

Andrew and Love Terentieva filed 29 February, when the virus in the capital and no one heard. The date was chosen successfully – on June 26. “We were one of the first who signed after the lifting of restrictions, – said the young. – Once decided – that the check will not endure, even if the restrictions will not be removed, but the holiday in the restaurant had to be postponed, no cafes all our relatives yet make not ready, they say, can only serve a small company – up to 5-7 people. And we don’t want our wedding turned into a tragedy for the people, because the risk of infection is still there”.

Signed in on the scheduled day Andrey and Lyudmila Ejova. “We did it!” – joyfully shouted guests young wife, waving a bouquet of blue hydrangeas. Guys I love that friends tell each other the coveted “Yes”. Plans they only “flew” a honeymoon in Europe. But just two weeks before the celebration, the couple decided: after registration all day with friends walk across Moscow, and in the evening flight for two in Saint Petersburg.

Resumed the Griboedov registry office and a night register. Let me remind you, the wedding Palace N 1 is the first in the country, which on weekends is available. To apply and sign in a legendary place here even at midnight Saturday n�� Sunday. Wanting a little while at the weekend just two sets. But as you know, Moscow never sleeps, and actively living his life and at night, especially in summer. So, according to the chief of wedding Palace N 1 Irina Ignatovich, soon to be the hype.

Opened in town and visiting site for marriage registration. They Muscovites are very popular. Friday and Saturday they have signed 120 pairs. Prior to the introduction of a special mode of operation since the beginning of the year in exotic locations of the city were married over a thousand couples – about 10 percent of the total number of wedding ceremonies. “In July and August has received more than 1,200 applications for the registration of marriage at unusual sites,” – told in the press service of the Moscow registry offices.

Lovers can choose for the ceremony one of 31 most unusual places. For example, sports fans can get married at the stadium “Spartak”, sports complex “Luzhniki” and at the Central Moscow Hippodrome, the lovers of art in the theater “School of modern play”, the Museum of military uniforms, the Moscow international house of music. For nature lovers, open Moskvarium and reserve “Silver forest”. Unforgettable will be a ceremony on the observation deck of the Ostankino television tower in Moscow planetarium, in the towers of the business center “Moscow-city” (“Federation”, “mercury” and “the EYE”).

Alexander and Anna Tahaawi chose a historic mansion Spiridonov in the Small Gnezdnikovsky lane. The building was built in 1895 as a place for receptions and social events. Why? “That’s unusual, – said they. – In addition, we will have beautiful pictures”. Most of the photos the couple will be the stairs of the mansion, which is decorated with a statue of a little angel.

“on Friday at the Palace Spiridonova carried out we have 16 registrations – said Diana Pachulia, leading specialist of the Tagansky registry office. Tomorrow will be about 20 weddings in the temple Matrona of Moscow”.

it Seems that at the wedding Palace, in the offices of the Registrar and on-site sites now all the same, but unbeknownst to the newlyweds and their guests everywhere strictly follow sanitary rules. Following each ceremony in the ceremonial hall is the treatment of special tools of all surfaces and the ventilation. Cleaner carefully wipe the chairs, table, stand, rings, door knob, in short, everything related to employees and guests.

For employees, the rule is to wear masks and gloves, for guests it is only a recommendation, which is shared by not all: the bride and the guests often don’t want to spoil the perfect image.

“Let’s give the mask up” – offered a new frame for the photographer, the couple Alexander and Barbara a long time. The whole great company of the guests shouted loudly: “Hurrah-Ah!”

Youchoose a platform for or in the Registrar’s office by personal visit.

Make a choice no earlier than one year and not later than one month before the desired date.