According to experts, Allergy sufferers must use the standard medical means.

The chief allergist-immunologist of the Department of health of Moscow Alexander Pampura said that poplar fluff doesn’t cause Allergy. However, he is a carrier of pollen of other plants.

“poplar fluff — it’s not pollen. If it’s not pollen, the poplar fluff himself do not directly cause allergic reactions,” explained the technician of the radio station “Moscow Says”.

The doctor said that it can accumulate pollen of other plants. In his opinion, from poplar fluff, there are no serious risks, and called on Allergy-prone people to use standard medical means.

Earlier it was reported that the unpleasant effects of poplar fluff can be reduced, temporarily abandoning the use of mascara and Foundation and putting on solar street or decorative glasses. Such recommendations given by professional doctors.