Politically, the rights, that is, in this case, the left-feminist-emancipatory Track, it was pushed also – if you had to push. That’s the end of forever is this Sunday after 1758, follow.

I confess it freely: I guess I missed any episode, even if I’m only came in in 1988 (according to my Correspondent in the United States) to the fan base. The missing first episodes I years later – to the dismay of my family – to DVD to be rescheduled. True Fans want to know everything first Hand.

At the end of the Good

always win, “There is a huge chance to deliver the actual Events in this country, a comment or observation in a dramatic Form, get rid of, of which, it is believed that they are important.“ So serial inventor Hans W. described geissendörfer his concept.

It was a clear Statement of this Alt-eighth sechzigers. He wanted to produce a political “Soap” – with the corresponding impact-side. Exactly this was what fascinated me at the “Linden street” to today: As it may go haywire, because someone falls in love with constantly, as it is at the same time cheated after line and thread, because there are more career failures than successes, as it is raped and murdered. But in the end the Good always win.

As an avowed Conservative, I’ve amused me about this heal left the world forever. And at the same time, this Sunday 28:30 minutes regarded as a kind of politically-correct bubble bath: I shower afterwards.

About the author: Hugo Müller-Vogg

Dr. Hugo Müller-Vogg is a publicist and former publisher of the FAZ.

Hugo Müller-Vogg/Laurence Chaperon

Usually, the events in the Linden street were not

The series was, the lives of ordinary people in an ordinary road map. But Helmut mark word has already noticed in the 1990s in the “Focus” aptly, the series reflects possibly what held the left of the editors of the “Frankfurter Rundschau” for normal life. In fact: Usually this was not what to 1758 thunder days (the actions played according to the script three days before the broadcast) took place.

The “Linden street” was in all the years exactly the Paradise that the pioneers of a new company dreams. In no other German line is so often talked about politics. Nowhere else there are so many citizens ‘ initiatives, petitions and protest actions for lofty goals: against cars, against nuclear power, against xenophobia.

How nice that as a small business owner already repeatedly failed, currently a hookah Bar operated flagship fellow citizens with Turkish roots Murat, save in the penultimate episode of a pretty measly Linde. He was chained for eight days, at the same, engaging the support of the whole Community.

A the end, free from Corona

One thing about villages and his daughter Hana goats, since 2015 Co-producer: you got it sent, the current political Events in the individual to follow to install. This happened frequently, so that in any living room is a snippet from the daily show from last Thursday, or someone reading the newspaper on the same day, and railed. You always knew what was to come: The up there think of themselves and the Rich, but no one thinks of the little people.

Unfortunately, have been completed in the last episodes in December of last year. Therefore, the current reference was missing in the last few weeks. The “Linden street” is free Corona. What a shame. How gladly I would have, Klaus Stewart, in his precarious journalistic “career” is more attitude than Can boast, about capitalism and globalization as the main culprit to listen to this pandemic reasoning – who else? And how touching it would have been, if Vasili of his corner bar “Acropolis” had cooked up in quarantine exiles neighbors – for free, of course.

The Linden street as a “German diary”? Probably not

It fits into the picture, that “The times” says in her Online obituary from the “Lindenstrasse” as a “German diary”, a “house of contemporary history”. A German Diary? Well, Yes. The Munich-based “Linden street” is the home of lots of neighbours with immigrant background, all of whom are nice people. Germany as a multicultural Idyll is reality.

economically, this small cosmos has to do with the reality much. There are a couple of the self-employed, more bad than good about the round, but hardly anyone who has a regular career with a 38-hour week. Also, I can not remember that someone had filled in a tax return.

Of employers as exploiters

a lot of failed to populate the livelihoods of the street. The landlord, with whom they have, are, almost without exception, half-criminal. Employers are generally money-grabbing exploiters.

finally, the real estate shark Wolf Lohmeier entered the stage. Disturbs the heal “Linden street”world with a new hotel building, and its from the cleaning lady to the Beloved ascended Anna Stewart constantly in front of the pangs of the Conscience: To draw you to this evil profit-maximizers in a luxury home or your neighbors remain faithful? Your Dilemma dissolves, to the extent that Lohmeier, shortly before the series end after a violent quarrel with the to 150 percent of emancipated cleaning Lover in an Elevator shaft, and thus in the death crash.

Reuters/Steven Warner/WDR/dpa After a dramatic event is arrested, Anna Ziegler (Irene Fischer).

It was the third death is by the way case, in the unchanged attractive Anna is 34 years involved. In one case, they jumped in their interrogation by the police from the window, was badly hurt and remained free of criminal, what amazes me as a Non-lawyers today. In the second case you had to to three years behind bars. If this would be representative for this country, then you would have to arm Germany to say: “”.

Eldorado liberal way of life

The “Linden street” is quite in the spirit of the 1968 years, Eldorado liberal life. Consequently, there is at the end of the series, not a single family in which both partners are in your life only once married, and their children, without exception, come from this relationship. Of the main characters, if I counted correctly, three three Times married. The love and marriage of Tanja Schildknecht illustrates, what is in this left-hand biotope as a self-determined life style. To the marriage with Dr. Dressler, the decades-long practitioner of Linden sträßler, it follows a lesbian relationship velvet Partnering.

Currently, Tanja with Sunny is in a relationship alias Marek, the is in women’s clothes and high-heeled Pumps on the way to a sex change. How would have, there would be more in 1758, follow, and probably will continue to increase? Because my imagination, which is surely linked to my civic deficits together failed. The Geißendörfers would still be remembered.

geißendörfer Hausen has left the world still in working order

You must recognize that envy In geißendörfer Hausen, the left world is still in order, at least on the political-social level. Sympathetic people practice almost every week of the uprising of the Decent, the disgust are prone to latent fascist ideology.

Here are strong women set the tone and let the men sit on the toilet. Here’s the Good show solidarity in the Nu against the Evil. It is supposed to give the CDU-politician to complain in the TV bodies, sometimes on the red-green tendency of news shows or magazines. In the “Linden street” is, however, more politics than usual in the program.

The now-departed caretaker of Else Kling was vertratscht, scheming, and bigoted. She, her husband Egon and the criminal son of Olaf, the first of three women found in death, as they wanted to save themselves from rape in the marriage bed, went on Sundays to worship and chose – of course – CSU. I liked this simple picture of the world of left-wing screenwriters somehow.

dpa/Uwe Anspach/dpa Else Klings kitchen in the Technik Museum Speyer.

Linden road Fans will be in the final, not

disappointed In your good times, the “Linden street” 15 million viewers had, the last of their number was in the low single-digit range. To me the lag is not. I have also looked at all the other consequences. Where else will I be offered in the future, so much the do-gooder education? Where else do you get such links-green Wish-You-What-reveries presented in a way entertaining? So I’m going to count on the Sunday after the last credits to the grieving survivors.

The true “Lindenstrasse”-believers will not be disappointed in the Finale. Mother Mary Gordon, from the beginning, the prototype of the old-fashioned, her husband betüttel Only-house wife, has developed on your old days to be positive. She invites you to her birthday party – to-neutral, of course, a climate. You can see: in 1758, the people follow education were not in vain. Only in my case, has not borne fruit’. From the time, as I am, comes to me as the Knef in the sense: “But beautiful it was, and I want to experience it again …”.

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